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Koi actually have 2 outlets in Kemang & Mahakam, but I went to its Kemang outlet with a dear friend of mine, Sisca. After gruelling hours of battling the crazy traffic from Gatot Subroto (it's Sunday, c'mon!) and missing a turn that's supposed to lead us to Kemang Raya, we finally found our destination. Phew!

As you can see in the photo above, the interior boasts a cozy & easygoing feel, with warm lightings and distinctly separate sections for smoking & non-smoking tables. Our obvious choice was the non-smoking area which is located at the right wing of the restaurant. The walls were adorned with paintings and vertical blackboards listing the menu they serve. Although tempted to lounge at one of those plush sofas, we decided against it, as we wanted to have some girly chat over the meal.

Oh, FYI, Koi is actually a bar too, and it has Ladies Night every Wednesday from 6 - 11pm. So all babes will get a 30% discount for the Mojito, Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan & Margarita ordered at the bar. Its Restaurant section offers international dishes, ranging from salads, soups, pastas, sandwiches and some Asian fares. You can find the menu here.

Let's start with some thirst quenchers, aye? For sweet-lovers, I'd recommend the Paradise Iced Tea, which is infused with mango, pineapple, passionfruit. It is a bit too sweet for a drink that's expected to be refreshingly sour, but the tropical tang & ice makes up for it. :)
L: Paradise Iced Tea IDR 20.000
R: Lime Squash IDR 20.000
Staying true to my alter ego (Ravioli), I chose the Salmon Ravioli, while Sisca chose the Dory Fillet Meurniere. It's a fishy fare folks! *grins. The ravioli was (literally) bathed in oil & cream, but the portion wasn't enough to make me sick, so I braved my guts and downed those arteries-chugging creamy sauce haha.The salmon ravioli was quite good, nevertheless. Sisca is luckier with her Dory Fish Meurniere. The grilled fillet topped with some herbs, was divine & the lemon butter sauce goes really well with the baby potatoes (these babies are tiny & round like meatballs!!! Absolute cuteness...haha).
Salmon Ravioli IDR 55.000
Dory Fillet Meurniere IDR 70.000
The dessert came in an interesting container: a mini jar! I opened the lid to find the partially melting vanilla ice cream on top of a thick layer of maroon pudding. The core tasted just like half-baked cake, very dense & the raspberry jam lining the jar had really strong taste. The only solace when eating this pudding was the vanilla ice cream, that (thank goodness!) didn't taste as sweet. Disappointed to say, this was probably the only dessert I've ever eaten in my life that's not worth the price.
Not recommended: Hot Raspberry Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream IDR 40.000
My feeling is mixed now! How to give a fair judgement if the dessert screwed the good impression from the drinks and the main course? I reckon I should just dismiss the dessert in the rating and grant Koi 3.5 out of 5. Warning: do NOT order the Hot Raspberry Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream or be prepared to be traumatised.

*) Prices are subject to 10% Service Charge and 10% Tax

Koi Kemang
Jl. Kemang Raya No 72
Ph: +62 21 719 5668
Twitter: @KOIkemang


  1. I am totally amazed (or maybe envy) on how frequent you patronize food places. hahaha.

    Anyway, KOI is one of my personal favorite place to chill out and of course have some mouthwatering desserts. I'm pretty surprised your dessert turned out below expectation. My favorites are: chocolate mille-feuille (the best in town!) & pavlova, maybe you should give them a try sometime :)

  2. Hey thanks! I visited your blog before and look at you, equally enviable! Awesome food places in NYC, I'm seeing greens now...Haha.
    The best chocolate mille-feuille? Damn, I should've chosen that one instead of that bloody (*sorry!) mishap...But many thanks for the tip, I'll keep a mental note to try it in my future visit.

  3. I was there two weeks ago...loved it!

    Houston, TX



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