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Feeling up for an exotic culinary adventure? Why not try Turkish fare? Anatolia in Kemang is well known for serving fine Turkish cuisine, hence it is no wonder that both locals and expats flock to the place. It was Saturday evening, so unless you made a reservation in advance, you better pray that they happen to have a vacant table for you haha. So that was the folly we did, but Fate was merciful, there was still a table for two near the entrance. :)

So, since we were at a Turkish restaurant, might as well try its specialties: the Hummus (and No, it's not a type of fertilizer LOL!). This is what it looks like:
Hummus with Shaved Lamb Doner Kebab topping IDR 45.000
Hummus, as described on the menu, is the most popular Turkish dip that's actually a creamy puree of blended chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice & garlic. You could choose 1 of the 4 toppings to go with your Hummus. We wanted chicken with chilli flakes at first, but they ran out of it. So Mr. K suggested we chose the shaved lamb doner kebab instead. Fine choice, I must say! Oh, FYI, Hummus is a dip, so you eat it with bread. There are several types of bread to choose from, but the waiter recommended the Puffy Bread. Nom nom...
Left: Ayran IDR 17.000
Right: Yeni Raki, single shot IDR 50.000
The drinks we chose were rather interesting, I picked the Ayran (Turkish yoghurt drink) that tasted...salty! Haha, gotta admit that it's not the kind of drink that I'll want to have more than once. While Mr. K chose a single shot of the Yeni Raki (Turkish Specialty Alcohol made of Aniseed & Grape). It tasted like the aniseed flavour of Fisherman's Friend, So I guess it freshens your breath from the garlicky dishes.

The menu was unillustrated, so with some assistance from the waiter, I took a leap of faith when ordering the main course. But the dishes we chose turned out awesome!
Mantarli Kasarli Kofte IDR 95.000
Manti IDR 95.000
My Mantarli Kasarli Kofte was basically minced chicken (or lamb) stuffed with mushrooms served on sauteed mushrooms. The entire ensemble was perfect, but just a tad too salty. Meanwhile Mr. K chose Manti, which is boiled dumplings stuffed with minced lamb, served with yoghurt garlic sauce. I guess this is the Turkish version of Italian Ravioli, and so yummy it was, I ended up being the one who ate most of Mr. K's food. Hehe...

And the most awaited moment's here alas! Somehow, my life's incomplete without sweet dessert, so we tried the Baklava, a typical Turkish dessert. It was made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and the whole thing soaked in honey. Served in a portion of 3 tiny pieces, I soon understood why...Baklava It's ultra sweet!
Baklava IDR 45.000
We were pleasantly surprised by a belly-dance performance (solo, actually), which I think only happens on weekends. In my most unbiased opinion, Anatolia deserves nothing less than 4.5 out of 5. :)

JL. Kemang Raya No. 110A
Ph: (021) 7194658 / 92772277

Open Hours:
Lunch: 11.30AM – 2 pm (daily)
Dinner: Mon-Thur 6 - 10PM | Weekends 6 - 11PM


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