Amadeus - The Cafe

Amadeus Cafe has a bold tagline, "Europe's Finest Coffee & Pastries" (hmm...this made me wonder if the food would be up to its reputation).
At the Entrance
Unfortunately, they don't dedicate a space for non-smoking tables, so we had to bear with the pungent fumes from the table next to us. We occupied ourselves by taking photos while waiting for the drinks and food to come. Oh, I think the Hot Chocolate lives up to its description on the menu "finest chocolate served with steamed milk and a dash of honey"...yummy!
Iced Strawberry Tea IDR 29.000 & Iced Mango Tea IDR 29.000
Hot Chocolate IDR 38.000
The most awaited moment: main course! Surprisingly Oching's steak came out first. It was supposed to be medium well, but still a tad chewy (probably because of the thick slice if you notice from the picture). The mashed potato was quite good, but not as good as the one I had at XXI Lounge.
Strip Loin Steak (medium-well) with Black Pepper Sauce IDR 122.000
Next was Lia's Chicken Breast a la Sebastian that looked and tasted as good! We love the creamy mushroom & paprika sauce, such a great accompaniment for the tender chicken breast fillet and the buttered parsley potato wedges.
Chicken Breast a la Sebastian IDR 85.000
Alas, my main course came...Ravioli di Magro. I was surprised the ravioli didn't have plump core, in fact it looked too flat to be filled with ricotta & spinach. It was still piping hot, but I braved myself to take the first bite. The pasta was disproportionately dominant over the ricotta & spinach, not good. But lucky the tomato basil sauce and shredded parmesan salvaged the otherwise bland carbs.
Ravioli di Magro IDR 58.000
My meal's never complete without dessert (it's ruining my diet, but I really can't deny my sweet tooth...haha). We ordered the Avocado Chocolate cake since it is Amadeus' signature. It's a unique blend of sour from the green layer (I suppose it's made of yoghurt) and sweetness from the chocolate layer. Hardly noticed any avocado scent in the cake though, but I was addicted to this slice of goodness!
Avocado Chocolate Cake IDR 29.000
Volcano Melt IDR 55.000
The Volcano Melt consisted three corners: fresh strawberry dice, one scoop of vanilla ice cream and the chocolate cake drenched in dark chocolate sauce. Scoop all 3 items in your spoon and be prepared to go gaga for the explosion of flavours in your mouth! Alternatively, you can dip the berry dice in the chocolate sauce just like fondues.

Albeit pricey, I still enjoyed dining here. The coffee menu is actually quite extensive, too bad we came in the evening hence we didn't order it (didn't want the caffeine to give us sleepless night). Overall, Amadeus Cafe deserves 4 out of 5 for the fine dessert that sealed my dinner with a sweet kiss. *muacks!

Amadeus - The Cafe
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