I recalled when walking past its first store in Grand Indonesia, there was a long queue of customers eager to get their hands on these world-famous beef bowls. Having known Yoshinoya since my short chapter in Singapore, I was eager to satiate my longing for its Salmon bowl just like the ones I had back then. Apparently the franchise here is adjusted to the local palate and wallet... Most of the items on the menu are either fried, or chicken or both, no tell tale of salmon at all. Alas, I postponed my visit until just a few days ago. Within just a few months, Yoshinoya has opened branches in several established shopping malls, one of them was Ciputra, the one I went to.

Famous for its beef bowl, I certainly had to try this one to attest to its fame.
Beef Teriyaki Bowl
It was nothing short of my expectations at all, despite being labelled a fast-food chain, its beef bowl was definitely a friendly choice for your arteries (if taken in moderation that is) haha and for your taste buds and teeth! The beef served was sliced real thin, so they are not chewy like rubber.
Fried Ebi, Siomay & Chicken Egg Roll
Original Beef Veggie Bowl
The set meal comes with a plate of fritters and cold ocha. Quite a good deal for the price, I'd say. So, if you're looking for a refreshing alternative of Japanese fast food, Yoshinoya might just what you're looking for.

Yoshinoya Indonesia
- Grand Indonesia, West Mall, Level 3A (Fountain Area)
- Mal Kelapa Gading 3, Food Court
- Citraland LG (in front of elevator)
Delivery: +62 21 500 566 (limited coverage area)


  1. they really got a tender and juicy beef .. hmmm slurppp !! :D

    btw would you mind exchanging links with my blog ?? hehe.. i'm gonna put yours on mine :D

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  2. Hi Arman! Yes, Yoshi is definitely the epitome of fast food gourmet =P
    Oh, I'm absolutely honoured to be listed on your blog! Thank you, I've listed yours here too, check it out =)



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