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If you're looking for nice places to eat in Bali that are similar to those in Kemang, head down to Laksmana Oberoi. Here, the streets are lined with nice (and even posh) restaurants, but there's a particular stretch that's concentrated with Italian eateries, to name a few: Rumours, Trattoria & Ultimo.

A friend of mine recommended me to check out Ultimo and Rumours (thanks Jürgen!), but we decided to settle for the latter because it looked lively from outside. This place is actually a hybrid of bar / restaurant, with bar stools and a pool table. I'd say it's quite a nice place for romantic dinner, except for the loud music.
The look from outside
The vibrant interior
Banana & Raspberry Daiquiris
It was a 1 Buy 1 happy hour for some liquors, cocktails and alcohol drinks. Daiquiris are such great thirst quencher after the stroll we took in our attempt to check out the restaurants around the area.
Green Soup
The Green Soup with cream is HIGHLY recommended. Contrary to the unappetizing look that some may associate with green, this concoction is anything but distasteful! The soup itself is creamy & very smooth, while the shredded chicken and crunchy sweet peas at the bottom of the soup packed a punch to the nutritious fare.

fresh Tuna Spring Rolls

The Tuna Spring Roll is the protein-packed substitute for the vegetables spring roll most of us are used to at home. Best eaten with the red sweet & spicy sauce. :)
Lobster Spaghetti
I had wanted to try the Chicken Pie for main course, but apparently they already ran out of it at this hour. So we had to share 1 main course (equally filling, nevertheless). The Lobster Spaghetti is and looks nothing like I had imagined. Albeit feeling a bit cheated by the name, I'm rather relieved that the "Lobster" turned out to be small prawns that I'm familiar with. The tomato sauce was tastefully cooked with perfect blend of spices and the spaghetti al-dente!

light homemade Blueberry Cheesecake
The light Homemade Blueberry Cheesecake was decent (I've had better ones, so perhaps I'm harder to impress). The cream cheese was nice, but the blueberry coulis (basically it means sauce) was too sweet and the base was chewy instead of crumbly.

All being said, I'm in love with Rumours! So I shall rate it 4 out 5 =)

FYI: Rumours and Ultimo in Bali are actually related to Toscana @Kemang, Jakarta. You can check them out on its official website here

Rumours Bali
Jalan Kayu Aya
Seminyak, Bali
Ph: +62 361 738720


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