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So, the trio’s back in action (Me, Lia & Ocing). It’s 1.30pm on the second day of Lebaran and Grand Indonesia was already teeming with visitors! Took us a good 30 minutes to find a parking space and another 15 minutes to get seated at our table. But the savoury Japanese curry that we’re about to eat is worth all the wait J as you’re about to see in the pictures below:
Salmon Cheese Curry Rice (Original Sauce, Extra Spicy) IDR 58.000
This comes with a complimentary salad (hmm love the fresh tangy kick in the dressing!). The curry sauce was tastefully spicy, decent for chilli-loving Indonesians. Too bad, the batter was overbearing, rendering the salmon & cheese as merely cameos, while they should've been the stars!
Doria Hamburg IDR 68.000 
This dish is basically baked rice with generous mozzarella cheese layer on top and a chunk of tender-mashed beef (the hamburg). My favourite dish from Mr. Curry so far. All the rice dishes use a special type of rice grain. The grains are plump and rounded, which gives them sushi-like texture but not as compact.

Hokkai Curry Ramen IDR 63.000
There's supposed to be fried tofu skin as one of the toppings, but they ran out of them :( So, in exchange for that, they added 1/2 egg. Anyway, the noodles itself tasted pretty ordinary. For someone who dislikes thick noodles (except for spaghettis), I still consider this one edible.
Chicken Karaage IDR 38.000
This version is slightly better than the one from Taiyo Sushi. chompchomp ^,^

So, of all the exotic drinks they have on the menu, here's what we ordered:
Left: Peach Smoothie IDR 28.000 & Right: Mango Lassie IDR 28.000
This Green Tea Ice Cream Parfait (IDR 33.000) sealed our sumptuous meals with a kiss!Love the towering sweet-tooth spoiler to the core (literally, if you notice at the bottom of it, lies a generous amount of corn flakes!) The macha ice cream was not too sweet, but 3 of us agreed that this one has a rather peculiar green tea scent. And the vanilla ice cream underneath, makes a yummy topping to eat with the wafer (the semi-circular flower-like thing nestled vertically next to the vanilla ice cream).

And apparently the white balls are without filling as well, but they're well done to produce pleasantly chewiness. Besides those, I must also mention the red bean paste that's oh-so-good. The roughly mashed ogura leaves something to chew & just enough to melt in your mouth.

My verdict for Mr. Curry is 3.5 out of 5. Good job in the Hamburg Doria, but the price could be made friendlier :P

Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 3A
Ph: (021) 2358 1090


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