Bali - The journey on the Island of Gods began here...

Holla, I'm back, all refreshed & very excited to share my adventure and tips that you may find valuable for your own reference. And this post shall begin a series of mouth-watering & enlightening journey on the Island of Gods. So, without further ado...

Starbuck's Iced Hazelnut Mocha & Mushroom Bruschetta
Once upon a time on 10th September 2011, with only 45 minutes to spare after checking in our luggage and stomach uncomfortably yearning for food, we were delighted to discover that Starbucks offers all ANZ Platinum card holders free complimentary food AND drink*. Foodies love freebies teehee! And the Bruschetta is TO DIE for!

Visiting Bali in September is such a pleasant experience, for a number of reasons:
-> The weather in Bali at this time of the year is very windy & pleasantly cool.
-> Plus it is low-peak season (a few weeks post-Lebaran holiday), so most hotels are more affordable and there aren't too many tourists around. You won't want to be fighting for space to watch the sun set on the beach, neither do you want to be wasting  time stuck in the traffic due to overwhelming number of vehicles roaming the streets

Then I captured his peculiar sight, Balinese chickens perched comfortably on the rooftop! much for being flightless bird, aye?

*Only available at Starbuck's outlet at the International Terminal of Soekarno Hatta Airport in Jakarta

And the journey continues... (in the next posts)


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