The Fullerton Mooncake

It's Mid-autumn festival, folks! In case you're unfamiliar with this, it simply means the time of the year to feast on...MOONCAKES Yay \(^,^)/ lol, actually there's long history & other significance, but I'm not going to assess those here.
For comparison: Hybrid vs. Conventional mooncake
I grew up with old-fashioned mooncakes that either came with brittle & compact OR layered & flaky doughs filled with teeth-rotting-uber-sweet paste, which were either made from green bean paste, tang kwei (wintermelon), lotus seed, orange marmalade or red bean. I still never got the hang of eating these types of mooncakes. But thank goodness nowadays we have what I call the "hybrid mooncakes" =D

In Singapore, one can hardly miss the Mid Autumn festival, because practically every bakeries & sweet houses there always race to create the newest, most unique & prettiest mooncakes, just to name a few of household names there: Haagen Dasz, Bakerzin & Crystal Jade. Moreover, every single year, Ngee Ann City (a.k.a Takashimaya on Orchard Road) never fails to gather the various mooncake vendors at its basement bazaar (right outside the basement food court). With such a conspicuous & attractive displays, who can miss it?

So this year, let's narrow down our candidate to just one brand aight? It's from The Fullerton Singapore (would love to try the ice cream ones from Haagen Dasz, but by the time my brother lands at the airport, they would've melted beyond recognition! LOL). The carrier itself looks so classy & the containing box was equally fashionable.

The mooncakes each nestled neatly in separate compartments, wrapped hygienically in clear & sealed plastics, ensuring its freshness. In the box, there are 4 different unique fillings, each wrapped in different-coloured snowskins.:
  • Honey Pineapple
  • Durian Red Bean
  • Chocolate Banana
  • Mango Pomelo

Did I hear someone saying: "wad the hell?!" yeah, WTH indeed =P What I love about The Fullerton's version of mooncakes, is that they're all at the purrfect level of sweetness! This makes them highly addictive, because you won't be sick of it, you could easily down many slices without even noticing! *alert for those on diets -> eg: me HAHA

Taste wise: Very exotic, such an awesome, refreshing & addictive break from the old-boring types of mooncakes! I particularly love the Mango Pomelo, with the chewy pomelo bits inside the soft filling. Unlike its tougher counterparts, snowskins have to be stored in the fridge though. This is to prevent oil seeping from the filling (due to our humid equatorial weather), which will destroy the soft skin. But this in fact makes it feel like eating ice-cream mooncakes! "Eat em straight out of the fridge & feel the sweetness melt your heart away" :D


  1. haiiii, salam kenal dari AnakJajan, love ur blog :)
    Wah penasaran ama snow skin mooncakenya yang rasa duren, yg rasa duren di kulitnya doang kan?
    Btw, wanna exchange link?

  2. Haiii juga AnakJajan! Thank you so much for dropping by =) Wah, dapet pujian dari senior, rasanya melayang-layang gimanaaa gitu =P Hehehe
    Oh, so pasti mau, it's actually my honour to list yours on my blog, thanks again ya =)

  3. Oh iya, saking senengnya sampai lupa jawab pertanyaan tadi =P
    Yg rasa durian red bean itu filling nya! Enak banget, ga terlalu manis (jadi bikin ketagihan) dan red bean nya menambahkan tekstur crunchy di antara durian paste yg lembut...duh, nulisnya aja ampe bikin ngiler sendiri haha

  4. aiihhh, ngiler banget membayangkan snow skin mooncake duriannya, ngeces2~ ngiler



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