Bali - The Ritual @Uluwatu: Until death do this blessed couple apart...

The Ritual is located at the southern tip of Bali, in the area that locals call Uluwatu. It is about an hour drive from the Airport on a traffic-free day (I guess). The journey to the place was generally uphill, and with green vegetation lining the meandering road, the trip was actually quite pleasurable.

The heart of this complex is the glass-walled Chapel, with its bold pointy roof curving skywards. The whole sight simply makes one wonder in awe. If you walk further in, towards the horizon, you'll realize that you're at the edge of the cliff already! No place more majestic than this for a solemn wedding ceremony...
The eclectic Chapel, before sunset

The reception itself was a garden party, which commenced after sunset. It just so happened that the wind was extremely strong and cool that evening, but all in all, we were blessed with rain-less weather...
A Shot taken during the reception, after sunset
Blue moon?
And of course, the food...
BBQ buffet table
Fruit Tartlets
Chocolate, Mint & Strawberry Cream Puddings
The cream puddings are so exquisite. Clearly The Ritual took great care in using quality ingredients to impress the guests and a great job they did! As a self-proclaimed dessert specialist (LOL), I would always say "Yes" to 2nd and even 3rd helpings of these delightful dollops.

"And you may kiss the Bride.."
I shall once again congratulate the happy newlyweds: Ci Natasya & Dien who succeeded in holding such a great garden-party that's studded with mind-blowing fireworks, as well as dazzling balloons-release procession. A sweet memory that shall forever be etched in my mind =)

The Ritual Bali at Uluwatu

Jalan Pantai Suluban
Uluwatu 80000
Bali - Indonesia
Ph: +62 361 770203


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