Bali - Ku dé Ta @Seminyak

Our next stopover in Bali shall be this posh venue nestled on Seminyak beach. Just google "top seminyak restaurants" and Ku dé Ta shall appear on every list that the search engine churns out. The label 'restaurant' is too much of an understatement because this place is a whole lot more than that, and befits all the following categories:
                     Serene breakfast: 
            Breezy brunch & tapas: 
Ice cold cocktails & capuccino: 
                              Fine dining: 
                  Bustling bar & club: 
Outdoor lounge chairs
Towards the indoor restaurant area
Outdoor dining tables
The security guards ensure that only guests with proper attire are admitted inside. Unsure of what to expect at first, we immediately realized that the patrons here are a whole different echelon than those we see crowding most parts of Kuta or Legian. At the time of our visit (lunchtime on Tuesday), the indoor restaurant & bar areas were rather idle as most of the patrons were crowding the outdoor tables or the lounge chairs facing the beach. I only have two words for the exterior & interior architecture: Lovin it!

Left: Decaf Iced Macchiato
Centre: Complimentary bread with butter, olive oil & balsam vinegar
Far Right: Cafe Latte
Hungry & rather pissed off by the funny-tasting chlorinated-coffee from the breakfast (at the villa) earlier, we quickly ordered "safe" (nothing fancy or exotic) food items off the menu and proper coffee here. Apparently us urbanites can't function properly without much for being on a holiday, but habits are meant to be...habits! LMAO!
Wagyu Steak Burger with Chips & Honey Mustard Dip
I love the Wagyu Beef Steak in this burger! It's cooked just perfect, not too raw and not too well done. This is one of the reasons why I only have the guts to eat beef at posh places like this. True, the price may be steep, but it's worth every dime. Trust me, the last thing you want is cringing in pain trying to chow down your slab of chewy meat that the amateurs have cooked for you.

Mahi-Mahi Fish Fillet & Potato Wedges, served with Japanese Coleslaw and Tartar Sauce Dip
The Mahi-Mahi Fish Fillet, which is basically fish & chips (or in this case potato wedges) only scored a hunky-dory rating from me. I'm biased for the arteries chugging, sodium-saturated yet heavenly good fish & chips from Fish & Co, so this should explain my lukewarm reaction. However, this style of fish & chips apparently appeals to foreigners' tastebuds. So the verdict is in your hands, folks! =)

Voila, for a coup d'etat as stylish & posh like this, I simply have to recommend it to my fellow foodies for the score 4 out of 5 it just earned. Bravo, Ku dé Ta! =)

Ku dé Ta

Jalan Laksmana, 9Seminyak, Bali 80361Indonesia

Ph: (0361) 736969


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