Bali - Cocoon Restaurant, Bar & Beach Club @Seminyak

Cocoon is a much newer establishment compared to Ku de Ta, but no doubt it is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists and locals alike. Even first timer like me couldn't resist its charm from the time I set my foot inside.

We were lucky that the Cocoon was quite vacant at the time of our visit (Wednesday lunchtime), so we had the luxury of choosing our preferred lounge by the pool. I wanted to stay in the shades but still able to lie down and stretch my body, so I pointed to the cozy looking cabanas at the back of the lounge chairs. I later learned from Cocoon's Facebook photos that this is the VIP Cabanas! *grins
View towards the Roof Terrace
View towards the swimming pool
The teal-coloured swimming pool looked extremely tempting, but we decided to lounge around first with some cocktail and light snacks.
Espresso Martini (IDR 95.000) & Chocolate Martini (IDR 95.000)
The cocktails totally rocked my world! I especially loved my Chocolate Martini, caution though: it is highly addictive! As for the Espresso Martini, Cocoon's version tastes much better than the one I had at Potato Head, Jakarta.
Wild Mushroom Pizza & Spanish Meatballs
This Wild Mushroom Pizza was easily the best thin-crust pizza I've ever had in my entire gastronomic life! And the Spanish Meatballs are reminiscent of the Swedish Meatballs I had at IKEA Singapore, only these are better.

Soon as we were done dipping in the pool, we nestled ourselves hungrily at one of the outdoor dining tables.

The staff promptly attended to us and soon enough our orders materialized, ta dah!
Home made Potato Gnocchi with Grilled Pear, Walnuts and Gorgonzola Cheese (IDR 80.000)
The Home made Potato gnocchi (pronounced as /ˈnjɒki/ by the way, as true foodies we must learn to properly pronounce the names) I had here was much better than Toscana's version. I was blown away by the clever play of sweet & salty elements in this dish! The grilled-caramelised-pear surprisingly made a tasty companion for the walnut bits & gorgonzola cheese. While the mashed potato in the gnocchi was just the right portion and the dumpling skin, just the perfect thickness. Mamma mia...
Moroccan Spiced Chicken Breast served with sour cream, salsa and Couscous (IDR 120.000)
The Moroccan Spiced Chicken Breast was served with couscous (granulated crumbs made of wheat) that was slightly sweet. It was my first time eating couscous, so I can't comment much about it. Judging from the clean plate at the end of our meal, I guess this dish must have been delish. =)
Strawberry & Mango Milkshake (IDR 45.000)
These milkshakes are easily the best I've ever had as well. While the strawberry one was refreshingly sour, my Mango Milkshake was pleasantly sweet (like me! LMAO...just joking!). I guess the secret lies in the fresh yoghurt they used, instead of milk that's more commonly used.

For Cocoon that has swept me away with its Oh-sum place and its scrumptious F&B, I shall reward this champ with 5 out of 5. Awesome ;)

Cocoon Restaurant, Bar & Beach Club
Jl. Double Six, Blue Ocean Terrace Seminyak,Kuta
80361, Indonesia
(0)36 173 1266


  1. Indeed, I strongly recommend Cocoon =)

  2. haloo, salam kenal!
    gambarnya menggiurkan, blognya baguus! aku masukkin list di blogku yaa... =)

  3. Hi Aline! Salam kenal juga...Thank you udah list blogku ya... yours is on mine too =)

  4. Thank God I stumbled upon this post just in the midst of this dreary night. " pizza I've ever tried in my entire gastronomy experience." Now I'm drooling :P Bookmarked!

  5. Hi Bram! Haha, I'm glad to hear that you found this post "appetizing" =P Well, I visited your tumbler and the pictures totally rocked! And I notice that you have a penchant for Japanese food =)



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