Bali - Abi Bali Villa @Jimbaran: a tranquil & homey retreat...

Abi Bali Resort, Villa & Spa is the place to stay if you're looking for a quiet & homey retreat. Size wise, it is not as sprawling as its gigantic neighbour, The Ayana Resort & Spa. However, this feature is in fact its greatest appeal. Firstly, guests need not make a long & laborious walk to reach their designated room(s) or villa(s). Secondly, there are several swimming pools within the complex, so those who prefer, can swim in privacy. Thirdly, the rooms are furnished with semi-open bathrooms, this means you can literally shower under the blue sky or the stars!

Let us now focus on the cuisine served here. For breakfast, Abi Bali doesn't serve buffet, instead the guests are allowed to choose from its breakfast menu. The first morning, this was what I had:
Eggs Benedict & Pineapple Juice IDR 50.000
 And in the noon, decided that we were quite lazy to go out for lunch, we ordered the room service, ta dah...
Far left: Spinach Cream Penne
Far right: Chicken Kiev
Foreground: Beef Steak with BBQ Sauce
The breakfast on the last morning:
Jimbaran Roll (IDR 50.000)
Verdict: Abi Bali took great care in the food's appearance, as you can see from the mouth-watering pictures. Taste wise, they're still quite good in general. However, they are quite ordinary to a seasoned foodie like me.

Alas, this post shall wrap up my adventures in Bali for this September trip. I'll be back again in Bali in just a few months (yay! Counting down the days already...) And I hope to report more exciting stuff from the trips to come =).

Abi Bali Resort Villas and Spa
Jalan Karang Mas Sejahtera No. 89
Jimbaran - Bali
Ph: (0361) 708889


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