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MBS hand-picked the 10 Indonesian Media  Editors & Journalists (Dreams, Destinasian, High End, Dewi, Farrago, Viva Asia Travel & Food) & Bloggers (me, Gastronomy Afficionado, Jakartajive, KelanaRasa)

4 ladies invited to attend the ceremony, the trip was co-hosted by Singapore Tourism Board
L-R: Joy Indonesia, me, Femina, Detik Food

All smiles on the way to Hilton Bandung from Jakarta: the 5 Bloggers (3 brings their +1) who are invited to Bandung are: Anak Jajan, Myfunfoodiary, Eatandtreats, Gastronomy Afficionado and me.

Writing Portfolio
  • The Jakarta Globe (online and print)

  • The Foodie (online magazine)
The Foodie March 2014 (click to download the magazine)

The Foodie January 2014 (click to download the magazine)


Other Portfolios
  • Instant Noodles Diary (which aired on Channel News Asia)
Instant Noodles Diary was a series of documentary about instant noodles culture shot in several Asian countries such as Japan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. For the Indonesia episode, I was not the only local source, there were also nutritionist, Bondan Winarno (Business owner and Culinary observer), Indomie stall owners, etc, who shared their views about instant noodles. This was a very fun project to do and the team were very nice and professional. I was invited to share my instant noodles secret and I showed the host and the crew to a very famous Indomie eatery in Jakarta, Indomie Abang Adek (Pedas Mampus), which serves Indomie with up to 100 chili as the topping! Talk about committing suicide...LOL. The video aired on Channel News Asia and has been re-broadcast several times.

  • Speaker for ANZ Spot Talkshow
L-R: Owner of Illuminare Ristorante, Mr. Slamet Sudijono (Country Marketing, Brand & Communications Head) & me

The above are just some of this blog's milestone, which I managed (remember) to capture, there have been more and (fingers crossed) more new ones will be coming soon I hope :) Thank you so much for all of your support!


Fellexandro Ruby said...

Didn't know you've had such a comprehensive features, print and tv media. This might be a little late, but congrats El. You've paved your way into the industry. Respect.

Now, you just need one more feature.

Write for Wanderbites.com will ya? HAHA. No I'm serious. My photo, your reviews. =D

Fellexandro Ruby | Wanderbites.com

Anonymous said...

Wow! cant believe you got so many coverage. Super awesome and envy you yaa..

Keep up the awesomeness and cant wait to read more of ur delicious food review and travel...:)

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