Hello! Welcome to Culinary Bonanza, I'm Ellyna Tjohnardi and I'm the sole culprit who's responsible for making you drool the moment you opened this blog.

How it all started
Culinary Bonanza (circa August 2011) is a personal blog, which I manage all by myself. It started out as a medium in which I pour about my personal thoughts and feelings, but after a few posts, i decided to focus the content to just one topic i'm passionate about: food. Actually it was quite serendipitious, as I used to be romantically involved with a guy who introduced me to a world of fine restaurants outside the shopping malls. Although I'm not with this guy anymore, I have to thank this dude for making this blog possible in the first place. After all, we all meet for some reason, either to be a blessing or a lesson. :)

About myself
I'm a Summa Cum Laude graduate in Marketing Communications, majoring in Public Relations from Binus University, one of the leading private universities in Indonesia. I'm currently working full time for my older brother who is an brilliant fashion designer for haute couture and wedding gowns, Rusly Tjohnardi. Please visit our atelier's official instagram to see our portfolio.

I'm a food blogger with an attitude...

- I dislike wasting food
My parents taught me to appreciate every single grain of rice that has been painstakingly grown by the farmers. So if I can't finish my own food, don't be surprised if I request to take away whatever leftover there is.

- I have an issue with body image
My work is related to fashion, while my hobby is fashion's worst enemy. Instead of sacrificing one for the sake of the other, I try to balance both by working out frequently. Being a food blogger does not mean one cannot be fit and be in good shape. In fact, I'm proud to say that I'm as much a gym rat as I am a big time foodie and a sweet-toothed.

Ellyna Tjohnardi
My Very first running event was Adidas KOTR 2013
- I run (to counter the calories I ingested)
So far my best distance is 10K, but I plan to improve on that, so I could take part in 16.8k run in the next Adidas King Of The Road. Eventually, who knows I might reach half marathon distance (21k) or even a full marathon? Only we can set the limits of our own body. Let me know if you're looking for a running buddy! :)

- I do not believe in publishing criticism
If you have been a loyal reader of Culinary Bonanza, you would notice that I hardly throw negative comment(s) in my writings, not because everything I ate or every places I went to have been perfect, but rather, because I only share the positive experiences of any place or food to my readers. I reserve the negative ones solely for the direct subjects of the criticisms, because I believe we are all bound to make mistakes and I do not wish to be guilt-ridden if my remarks / comments might somehow or unintentionally harm anyone / any businesses. After all, I see myself as a writer and I enjoy immortalizing food in pixels. I am not here to seek praises, ask for freebies or free meals, nor to make anyone close down their businesses. That being said, I gratefully welcome invitations that come my way, as I view it as an acknowledgement for my work and I would certainly love to help spread the words about your businesses / new menu to my readers :)

Gadgets that I use
Since May 2014, I've been using a mirrorless digital camera and a prime lens. For digital editing, I'm using Photoshop CS6 and most of the time, I'd use VSCO filters from my mobile phone.

Special thanks to Mr. Alexander B. and Varnion team, who has generously helped the conversion of my blog domain from one with blogspot to (dot)com. You are my angel!!! :) www.varnion.com

Oh, I LOOOVEEE to spam your home feed with #culinarybonanza #foodporn, stalk me if you dare (PS: you have been warned!) :P

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Nice blog :) and thanks

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Wow..impressive blog I came across. Great pictures and different perspective on food. Love that you also focus on healthy eating. Thank you. Keep blogging.

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