Blissful Degustation at Mejekawi by Ku De Ta

It's been a few years since I visited Bali and while some things have changed, some still KU DE TA in bustling Seminyak area.

Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (

I had a bittersweet nostalgic moment when I finally set foot at KU DE TA again recently...I still remember vividly, the iconic red umbrellas and loungers by the beach, the classy interior & music. But this time, my visit was to get acquainted with the more reclusive sister, who's hidden from plain sight, on the 2nd floor. After walking past the indoor dining area of KU DE TA, I scaled the staircase, to find myself in a more intimate & refined setting that is Mejekawi. And there they were, Executive Chef Benjamin Cross and my dear friend Jed Doble, Publisher of FoodieS magazine.

But first, a glass of bubbles for the welcome. I had a good feeling about what's about to unravel that evening and as I scanned my surroundings, the most striking feature of the whole area was the open kitchen right smack in the middle. It is obvious that here, the quality of dishes served reigns supreme, than squeezing as many customers as possible. A good omen.

Mejekawi brands herself as a relaxed & informal fine dining at an unbeatable beachfront venue in Seminyak. I would strongly recommend coming at sunset hours, the view from the balcony is magical! Spearheaded by Benjamin Cross (I'll refer to him as Ben hereafter) as Executive Chef & Stephen Moore as Head Chef, Mejekawi opened in 2013. And 5 years later, I finally had the chance to experience Mejekawi, even luckier to have Ben himself with us that evening. Australian born Ben has pocketed experience all over the world before finally settling in KU DE TA Bali back in 2008. I wouldn't be able to tell he's Aussie, because his accent was barely there!

Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Lucky to capture him scribbling the menu he's preparing for us that night. Nice handwriting, Ben! ;)
We left it to Ben to surprise us and knew that we'd expect nothing less than a stellar experience from him & his team. Started with the freshly flame-baked pretzels and possibly the tastiest hummus dip I've ever had.

The most memorable dishes that I had were a very interesting interpretation of Fish & Chips, and Edamame Falafel, which was inspired by Ben's personal history of the days when he was still a vegan. Out of curiosity, I asked Ben what inspired his Prawn & Kaffir Lime Agnolotti, which came served with chicken stock (like wonton soup), sesame oil and chicken skin crisp. It was a nod to one of the chefs he's worked with and the dish was such a beautiful harmony of West & East. Another favourite of mine was actually not a dish, but a palate refresher: pandan & mint granita with jackfruit custard.

At the end of that night, was that I left feeling utterly blissful from the arousing journey of taste, yet eager to leave, so I could let this overworked brains & stomach rest for the day. But my mind screams for an "encore" of the whole experience.
Thank you Ben & Mejekawi team!

Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Freshly flame-baked pretzels
Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Fish & Chips - snapper ceviche, pickled shallot & glass potato, served with tomato consomme & basil oil
Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Terrine - suckling pig terrine & sourdough crisp
Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Edamame falafel
Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Left: Prawn & Kaffir Lime Agnolotti, chicken broth, skin crisps, sesame oil
Right: Tuna - lightly smoked, saj bread, radish
Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Black Cod - grilled over coal, roasted chili paste, jicama, apple & lime
Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Beef - 48hr organic grass fed short rib, carrots, tare jus, fermented mushroom butter & nasturtium
Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Granita - jackfruit custard, pandan & mint
Mejekawi by Ku De Ta Bali (
Left: Bali Kopi - coconut & coffee ice cream
Right: Kalamansi Marshmallow + Bedugul Sour
Five Course Menu IDR 700,000++ / IDR 1,100,000++ (with wine pairing)
Full Tasting Menu IDR 1,200,000++ / IDR 2,000,000++ (with wine pairing)
Prices are subject to 10% Govt Tax & 8% Service Charge

Open Hours: 5.30 - 10 PM (daily)

Mejekawi by KU DE TA
Jl. Kayu Aya No. 9
Seminyak, Bali
Indonesia 80361
Ph: +62 361 736969
Instagram: @mejekawi

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