World's First: SevenFriday Space (a Store-Cafe Concept)

UPDATE:  The cafe will be operational starting next FRIDAY - 1 JULY 2016.

Have you ever considered integrating a watch store with a casual cafe / bar? To business minded folks, this may be a waste of space, because, why pay a lot more and go through all the troubles running a cafe, if your watch store only requires so little space to generate sales? That view may still be valid, but it's rather old school. SevenFriday's official distributor in Indonesia understands that and they've just launched a concept named 'SevenFriday Space', a concept which integrates a watch store (about 15% of the space) and a cafe / bar for the rest of the space.


So why bother, SevenFriday? Let's analyze it from a foodie point of view: what would a food blogger like me do inside watch store? Unless I'm looking to buy one, actually I'll never think about visiting a watch store out of the blue. On the other hand, as human beings, we need to eat, regularly. So, tapping into the potential market of foodies or even random cafe customers, SevenFriday space exposes its brand to the untapped market potential. Sure, you may only come here to try out the food, but at least now you've heard about the brand SevenFriday and seen its signature design. Exposure is the first step that leads to purchase peeps.

Since I am not a watch observer much less an expert, in the most layman terms a woman can describe in her own words, I would recognize a SevenFriday from its large and square shape, with very mechanical-looking dial. Its design is quite masculine, but it does look good on women too (blessed are those ladies who look good in anything!). During the event I met SevenFriday's founder and @sevenfridayguy, Daniel Niederer and had no freaking idea who he was! Sorry avid watch fans, you probably think I didn't deserve such a privilege LOL.

Photo credit: @SevenFriday_Indonesia
The Space has a nice modern bistro feel to it, with plenty of leather and steel elements in the design. It's the core elements of SevenFriday's watches, after all. Ladies, if you're looking to impress a man with your choice of place to dine, you might want to come here ;)


Chef Fernando Sindu, the one trusted to head the kitchen here, is someone I've known since his return from the States a few years ago and I've sampled his dishes on many occasions: from various pop up events, to heading one of my favourite casual restaurants in Jakarta. Being the first SevenFriday Space in the world, Chef Nando had no point of reference and thus he's left with a tough task to balance his signature cooking style, with the essence of SevenFriday's philosophy. Do expect some rather masculine menus here, including some alcoholic beverages.


The menu physically, is quite interesting, as it took form in a very premium design: leather-lined steel board. Even more so, if you browse the menu, other than the Food and Beverage section, there's the Watches, served as one of the delicious 'dishes' to watch connoisseurs. So right after ordering the food, you could analyze the models available in-store and read the specs on the spot. This is actually good if you're not into conversing with sales person type.

Looking at the menu, the food is quite familiar in my opinion, an easygoing fusion of western basics with, with some Asian twists here and there. I suppose I expected the menu to be more daring than that, as a courtesy to SevenFriday's bold and unconventional design. But, let's take things a notch slower hey! I know Nando has poured his soul and heart into crafting the menus. Who knows, in the near future, when things have stabilized, Nando will launch his ultimate weapon ;)

Here are some of the menus served to the invited guests and these will also be available to the public:
Assorted Skewers & Snacks
Pork Belly Skewers with torch ginger flower sambal, fried coconut, black garlic aioli & chives
Kale Caesar Salad with kick-ass dressings, herb croutons, soft-boiled egg, fried chicken
Toast with Foie Gras Mousse, duck salad & plumped raisins
Mac and Cheese with braised wagyu cheek, cheese sauce & herb crust
Smoky SevenFriday Burger with prime beef, smoked double-cut bacon (pork / beef), umami cheese, smoked jalapeno ketchup & buttery bun
Salmon with smoked potatoes, carrot top salsa, fennel & koji sauce
Unfortunately, I had to run off to the next place and couldn't linger long enough to sample the food. So at the moment, I can't comment anything on the taste yet. But I'll update this entry again, complete with the prices, soon as i have made the visit. The cafe will be operational starting next FRIDAY - 1 JULY 2016.

Congrats SevenFriday and SevenFriday Indonesia!

*) Prices will be updated soon

Seven Friday Space
Plaza Indonesia, level 2
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30
Central Jakarta
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