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Have you planned a vacation for this Lebaran break yet? Even if you have, you still might want to check out the following Hotel booking website for your own reference. Who knows, this new, cool site might come handy in the near future!
As someone who travels a lot, I like to keep myself updated with the latest deals and promos be it for flights, hotels or trips. I know a lot, if not most of us are even willing to surrender our privacy and let the countless airline newsletters invade our inbox in the hope of being the first few to receive news about price cuts, bonus, perks / deals. And, if we're to check everyone using smartphone these days, i can almost bet for certain that there's at least one trip booking app installed.

Now, imagine if there’s a website that allows you to book a hotel to suit your travel needs, personality or mood at that time. Wouldn’t it be cool and so much more time saving to have your hotel search results already sorted out into Budget or Luxury or Hip or Family Friendly hotels for family getaway? Now, that’s just one of the plus(es) that offers. Their “choose your mood” feature can easily ease your hotel booking process. ( (

For me, when I’m traveling with my family, naturally I’ll look for Family Friendly options with kids playground preferably for my baby niece. Or if I’m on a solo trip to Bali, I’d try out Hip hotels for a change of atmosphere and simply for the one of a kind experience.

Mister Aladin’s selection of hotels covers not only Jakarta, but also other popular tourism destinations both local, such as Bali, Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya, as well as international destinations like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and even Sydney. In addition, I’ve found that their hotels are available at a cheaper rate compared to other hotel booking sites and the rate shown on is the FINAL price with no hidden costs. You don’t have to worry about calculating tax and service because everything is already included in the price shown on the site. What you see is what you pay! True to their tagline of “everyday low prices”!

Mister Aladin is currently having a special Sweet Deals (Promo MANIS – Hotel Mewah Harga Ekonomis), where 5 star hotels are discounted up to 50% off if you book from today through 22 May! So, it’s time to book your hotel if you’re planning your next getaway this weekend or for the long holiday since there are no blackout dates!

Visit this link for more details on the promo:

Now, for example, if you are feeling fancy and planning to stay at a nice and posh hotel this weekend, simply click the “LUX” category and they will show you the results for hotels that participate in the Sweet Deals promotion. I’d stayed at Fairmont Hotel Jakarta a few months back, and I had a pleasant experience there, so I looked it up on to check the special “Sweet Deal” rates. And boy, does the deal seem too good to be true, but they are, for real! As mentioned earlier, the prices shown are the final price, so don’t fret about being charged with hidden cost when you’re making payment at the end of the session.

Fairmont Jakarta did not disappoint for a bit and the room was the same as described on Mister Aladin when I made the booking. Here’s a little sneak peek inside Fairmont Hotel Jakarta, for your own reference.

Fairmont Hotel Jakarta (
Fairmont Hotel Jakarta (
Fairmont Hotel Jakarta (
Fairmont Hotel Jakarta (

Lastly, Mister Aladin not only offers a vast collection of hotels, the site also curates a great collection of travel tips and ideas on its travel blog, Mister Aladin Travel Discoveries! Travelers can easily find information about hot recreational spots and current travel trends. The blog has easily inspired me to travel more! I’m totally planning and booking my next getaway soon on!

For more information on and its latest deals, please follow Mister Aladin’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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