WillGoz x Crematology Brunch

3 Course Brunch Menu for only IDR 190,000 nett, now that's a deal that's hard to come by these days, when the price of a main course could easily cost 2x that!
It's only natural human nature to suspect something fishy going on if something seems too good to be true, like this offer of a 3 course brunch for less than IDR 200k/person. I'd be inclined to think the food would either be mediocre or the serving ridiculously small. But it's William Gozali that we're talking about ladies and gentlemen, so I'm instantly at ease.
Masterchef Indonesia winner with chinois bad boy look, I-don't-give-a-damn attitude and cooks mean food. Peace yo!
This is the 3rd time I've attended a pop up event featuring WillGoz. Read about the previous pop up here. This time round, WillGoz has teamed up with Ardika Dwitama of Oui Dessert and Crematology played host at its Puri store. Especially for the brunch, our table was beautifully curated with curious floral arrangements by Artiste Floral. I didn't waste our name place cards and used it as a prop for one of my photos...
What was on the table...
Was still on the table...
Then moved to my hand (yeap, talking about the flower bunch). I'm not a klepto, I just borrowed it from the table ;)
After feeling somewhat satisfied having abused the table decor, we returned to our table and waited for the first course, a serving of burned salmon, yeasted waffle, sous vide egg, miso hollandaise & tobiko, which I easily and shamelessly cleaned in no time. It's quite serious for a starter, but this is brunch, so we're even entitled to have a stack of pancakes right from the beginning. 

Then the 2nd course came, a serving of Meltique beef, polenta, sous vide egg, mushroom & red wine jus. I told Will, that I loved the beef, but it's only today that I find out what Meltique means. It's a brand of fat-injected beef product, which explains why the beef tasted really good. And I notice that Will loves sous vide egg, which is a safe complement to literally almost all savoury food, but it would be great if he dares to experiment with something else.

Now, my only complain is actually reserved for the dessert, wanna know why?? The dessert's too little for my huge appetite! And the super smooth espresso gelato only made me wanna complain even more LOL.

Sure, I and the other guests were probably Will's lab rats along his path to success, but I'll voluntarily offer my tummy if ever Will cooks again.

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