Yamatoten Abura Soba: New Menus & New Outlet

Cold soba noodles is all too common, what about a warm bowl of soba noodles like this?

Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)

Yamatoten Abura Soba, the first restaurant specializing in serving hot soba noodles that shook foodies in Jakarta when it first opened in North Jakarta last year, just opened its second store on this very day this post is published (12 December 2015). This time, the location is more accessible to most foodies in Jakarta, being situated inside a shopping mall in Central Jakarta. But not only that, the second store opening also marks the launch of some of the new menus.

Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)

So, unlike the conventional soba noodles, Yamatoten's is different in a few ways. Firstly, it's thicker than the classic soba (slightly thicker than spaghetti, but not as thick as udon). Secondly, the colour resembles that of yellow egg noodles, but a bit more pale. Thirdly, Yamatoten's soba is served hot (although now it has a new menu that serves the soba cold, scroll further below to see the new menus).

And then, there's also a specific suggested way to enjoy the abura soba...while it is not mandatory, the 'ritual' makes the eating a bit more fun. So firstly, add 2 rounds of vinegar followed by 2 rounds of chili oil. Fancy more? Sure, why not!
Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)

Next, mix everything quickly & eat while it's still piping hot!
Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)

The menu at Yamatoten is limited to several variants of abura soba with different toppings, a few rice dishes and sides. It's not a massive menu, so deciding what to order should not be a tough call. Yamatoten in Japan labels itself as a fast food restaurant anyway.

Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Right: Handmade Gyoza IDR 32,000
Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Soft Broiled Pork IDR 48,000 (tended to be quite dry, but still tender)
Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Left: Chicken Karaage IDR 38,000 (it was quite good and not too greasy)
Right: Grilled Corn & Cheese with Pepper IDR 32,000
Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Abura Soba IDR 59,000
Original Abura Soba served with chopped spring onions, sesame seeds, bamboo shoots, dried seaweed & chashu (chicken / pork)
For first timer visitors, I'd recommend trying the Original Abura Soba to adjust your taste buds to the taste profile first, before trying out the other variants of the soba. If the soba was mixed with the recommended dose of vinegar and chili oil, the soba should taste quite sour, savoury and spicy.

Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Jya Jya Abura Soba IDR 68,000
Abura Soba served with minced meat (chicken / pork) in sweet soy bean paste, spring onions, sesame seeds & dried seaweed.
Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Karami Ontama Abura Soba IDR 68,000
Abura Soba with spicy miso sauce served with half boiled egg, chopped spring onions, sesame seeds, bamboo shoots, dried seaweed & slices of tender roast pork / chicken. This is a slight variation from the Original Soba, with the addition of soft boiled egg, thus resulting in creamier taste and texture.
Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Umewasabi Abura Soba IDR 68,000
Cold abura soba with special plum & wasabi paste, topped with seaweed, fresh tomato, fried lotus & chicken chashu. Now, this is one of the special new menus, being the first cold soba in the family of warm soba of Yamatoten's. The taste is sour and quite refreshing, but the wasabi, while was not overwhelming, might be a bit too much to some. So order with caution.

Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Kare Abura Soba IDR 65,000
Special Kare sauce made using 10 herbs & spices. Available in chicken / pork
Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Aburi Chashu Don IDR 69,000
Slices of pork chashu marinated in special soy sauce, served over hot rice.
Yamatoten Abura Soba (www.culinarybonanza.com)
Shigure Don IDR 69,000
Minced pork with special sauce on top of hot rice with soft boiled egg, served with chopped spring onions & sesame seeds.
Congratulations for the opening of the second store and thank you Yamamoto-san for being there to personally make sure the abura sobas taste just as perfect as it should. So, how would you like your sobas, hot or cold?

*) Prices are subject to Tax & Service Charge
**) No Take Away

Yamatoten Abura Soba
1st outlet: Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ruko Garden House Blok A-12 / Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Ph: +6221 29033342
Open Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM

2nd outlet: Grand Indonesia
East Mall, LG Floor #13 & 15 (close to Ranch Market)
Central Jakarta
Ph: +6221 23580807
Open Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM

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