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Have you been to any restaurant that welcomes pet with wide open hands? I'm not talking about a pet cafe like the few that you can find in Kemang area. The name is Ivy Restaurant, another new concept by Klabo Group, which also opened Monty's in Senopati earlier this year. And you can expect nothing but the best to be served here...
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Ivy Restaurant is the rebirth of was previously known as Ivy Bistro & Catering, that's located in Dharmawangsa area. The new Ivy does not focus so much on the catering side as much as it used to, instead, it focuses on its dining concept at its new location, just a few blocks away from the old location.
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Left: The sign outside, impossible to miss
Right: The lovely open-air smoking terrace
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
The large painting is actually a real panorama shot in California
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (

Ivy offers both Western and Asian menus, and some are even vegetarian friendly. And just recently, they've released weekend Breakfast menu, which is available on Saturday & Sunday starting 8 AM. Based on my experience here, the dishes are served in large portion, for average Asians, it would be wise to share, but of course, the choice is yours. Ivy is not a fine dining restaurant, but the owners have very high standards for the water that they drink, so they only serve Acqua Panna or San Pellegrino.
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Left: freshly baked daily bread basket (complimentary)
Right: The cheese-stuffed, Veal Jalapeno Peppers
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Mochaccino IDR 40,000
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Spiced Sweet Corn Soup - roasted organic Hokkaido corn, crushed avocado toast (IDR 75,000)
Do not miss the smashed avo on perfectly grilled sourdough toast, because for me, that's actually the highlight of this dish.
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Veal Jalapeno Poppers - stuffed jalapenos, veal & parmesan IDR 95,000

This is an interesting and something that I've never found elsewhere before. It's not as spicy as you think, despite having the entire chili, so it's safe even for those who can't eat spicy food.
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Open Green Veggie Sandwich (vegetarian) - grilled sourdough bread, roasted bell pepper, shimeji mushroom, heirloom tomato, rocket salad, pomegranate IDR 99,000

My first impression was like, "WOW that sandwich is huge!", so that explains the price. But other than that, the vegetarian sandwich actually was my favourite of all the dishes I tried then. It may not have any meat in it, but the juicy sweet roasted bell pepper, smoky sourdough bread and the pomegranates made one beautiful and super healthy sandwich that won't make you feel miserable even with the absence of any animal-based protein.
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Pesto & Mushroom Farfalle - shimeji mushroom, parsley pesto, beef bacon IDR 95,000
Another comfort food done right, whether you love creamy pasta or pesto-based pasta, both will definitely agree with this one.
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Scrambled Spicy Tofu Noodles (vegetarian) - fried egg noodles, spicy scrambled tofu, bean sprouts, chili, lime IDR 95,000
Oh, yes, this noodles pack some serious heat in it, so you might want to have a glass of water ready next to you.
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Crispy Chicken Breast Porcini- with wasabi mashed potato, tomato compote, asparagus & porcini cream sauce IDR 135,000
The chicken breast, oh it's so tender! But my delight didn't end there, because the wasabi mashed potato was so smooth, and quite addictive.
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Mocca Parfait IDR 75,000 (flambée with Brandy +IDR 60,000)
If you're looking for a dessert with some special effects, this should be your choice.
Ivy Restaurant Jakarta (
Mocca parfait, dissected
If you're looking for a cosy and classy place for a meal, Ivy is a very welcoming place, with ample of parking space and it also welcomes your pet friends here, something that's still quite rare even in Jakarta. But make sure your pet is house broken and can behave well in public please =).

Open Hours:
11 AM - 11 PM (daily)

*) Prices are subject to Tax & Service Charge

Ivy Restaurant Jakarta
Jl. Brawijaya 2 No. 48
South Jakarta - 12160
Ph: +6221 7265766

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