Sugar High with Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu

This new post is going to be really sweet and really special, as I'm going to share with you a dessert omakase spread by a really talented and sweet Pastry Chef, Kim Pangestu. Can you handle it, sugar? ;)
Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (
In the previous post, I've briefly mentioned that the word 'omakase' means 'I'll leave my meal selection to you - the chef'. We tend to associate 'omakase' with Japanese food, because the term is after all, in Japanese. However, in 'Dessert Omakase' you'll only be served dessert from course number 1 to number X and you don't know what's going to come next, isn't it exciting?

For a dessert lover, this omakase 'challenge' sure sounds exciting, although even a sweet tooth like me would approach this with a bit of caution, because human's tolerance for sugar is apparently not as high as their tolerance for savoury. So, I skipped the sweet drinks, and opted for plain water instead, well maybe black coffee or espresso would be a good pairing as well for some of the dessert. But what do you think? Would cocktail be a better pairing?

Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (

Kim Pangestu, the co-founder and Pastry Chef of Nomz Kitchen & Pastry in Jakarta, is a fan of omakase and she applied the concept in what she does best: making dessert. That's how Kim's dessert omakase was born. The charming and lovely chef told me, she loved the intimate connection that happens between the chef who cooks for the guest and even among the guests themselves, who may not know each other at the beginning, but come to be friends at the end of the session. The single unifying factor? It's pure love and passion for food. And I am a first hand witness of this, as I came alone, but left the place with a few new friends.

Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (
edible flowers

Amuse Bouches:
At the marble counter top, there will be a mini 'garden' patch along the edge, and everything is 100% edible! Even the green 'grass'. I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what each and everything is, just to keep you curious ;)
Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (

1st course:
Black sticky rice gelato / Thai tea granita / diced gedong gincu mango / Coconut foam.
Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (

2nd course:
Strawberry & basil sorbet / Fresh strawberry / Balsamic vinegar cream / Coconut cake / Pistachio / Strawberry gel / Milk meringue / Strawberry 'paper'. The 'paper' itself took a lot of trouble to make, not to mention the plating.
Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (
Right: Kim plating the dessert right before our eyes
Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (

3rd course:
Sweet corn gelato / Bitter chocolate microwaved sponge cake / caramelised nori / pistachio / parmesan.
Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (

4th course:
Oatmeal crumble / chocolate matcha cake / yuzu gel / passion fruit curd
If this course were compared with real omakase, this would be the main course. The presentation was quite theatrical too, involving an act of piping in chocolate mousse and pop! goes the side walls of the cake, from which oozes out this gooey brown and greenish semi liquid mess. It may not look pretty, but tasted so damn good!
Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (
Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (
Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (
The green swirl is the green tea filling

5th course:
Coconut pannacotta / dried pineapple / kalamansi shot & kalamansi sorbet. It's a refreshing jolt of sourness that will surely get you awake!
Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu (

By the time we reached 4th dessert, I was almost sugar overload. So when Kim offered to make us second helpings of any of the dessert earlier, I had to say no. As much as I'd love to, I don't want to spoil the good impression I had with the dessert I've wolfed down earlier...too much of anything is never good you know ;). It was a definitely unique and sweet experience (not to forget how affordable it is!), that if anyone asks me for a unique dessert experience in Jakarta, this will definitely be on top of my recommendation.

I'm curious to know what's the next upcoming surprise that Kim will prepare, because the menu will certainly be rotated every now and then. So, Bravo, Kim! Keep up your amazing sweet crafts and I look forward to trying your other creations soon.

Enjoy Dessert Omakase by Kim Pangestu at Nomz Kitchen & Pastry for IDR 230,000++/person (not inclusive drinks)

Dessert Omakase timings:
- Saturday: 7.30 pm and 9 pm
- Sunday: 3 pm and 4.30 pm
*) each session is open for 5-8 persons and by Reservation ONLY

Open Hours:
Weekdays: 10 am - 10 pm | Weekend : 10 am - 12 am

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