Sapori Deli, a New Flavour of Italian Deli

Sapori Deli is a newly open concept at the relatively new 5 star property, Fairmont Jakarta. Do not be tricked by its name though. because it's not just a deli. While it may appear so at a glance, but upon closer examine, you'll realize that it's an interesting fusion of a casual cafe, a deli, a gourmet retail, a bistro, a peaceful reading lounge and a casual Italian restaurant with open pizza-kitchen concept.

Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (
I know, you're probably tilting your head in disbelief, thinking of what on earth would a place with such an overlapping identity look like, right? Let me take you on a brief tour around Sapori Deli ('sapori' in Italian means flavour, fyi).

Sapori Deli is divided in the middle, one of the sides is a restaurant with an open pizza kitchen with counters to sit at, so you could really watch closely how your pizza is being made.
Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (

Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (

Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (

On the other side of Sapori Deli, is where you can purchase gourmet items displayed at one end of the room, or pick from the freshly baked-daily, selection of pastries / sandwiches / cakes off the display. Whether you'd like to enjoy it on the spot or for takeaway, have it your way. But if it were me, I'd enjoy sitting down at one of the cosy sofas.

Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (
gourmet food items, ready to be wrapped for you =)
Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (

Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (

Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (

cakes and danish at Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (

A few days ago, I had the pleasure to visit Sapori Deli with several friends and had a good time learning to make Italian pizza the way it should be. straight from the expert himself, Chef Gozali, as well as Executive Chef of Fairmont Jakarta, Andrew Zarzosa.

Chef Gozali from Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (

It turns out that you are not supposed to use a rolling pin, that's a biggest no no, if Mamma sees you using one, she'll probably club your head using the rolling pin instead! LOL. Anyway, the point is, rolling pin for making pizza is like cheating and the result will not be as good as if you use your hands to knead the dough. Even the kneading has to he directed from the center to the sides, spreading the dough evenly as you go.
Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (

Turns out the pizza dough of Sapori Deli is a very special dough, as they are let to rest for 36 hours before it's ready to be prepared and added with toppings! The prolonged hours is meant to allow the dough to soften enough. With the combination of technique and preparation, expect the pizzas here to have bubbly crust, not cracker thin like biscuit, but soft enough with crispy surface, just to give that delicious 'crack' as your teeth bite into it.
Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (
So, for the pizza I made, I used cream topping, with mushrooms, salami and cheese toppings. It didn't turn out as soft as the Margherita pizza that Chef Ali made, but oh well, here's the very first pizza that I made, ta-dah!
Pizza from Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (

The menu at Sapori Deli is not as vast or as outrageously fusion-ized as some of the Italian restaurants in Jakarta. You'll find a decent range of Antipasti, Salad, Pasta, Secondi, Pizza and Dolci (dessert). I have yet tried the dishes on the menu, so I can't comment on the main menu yet (other than the Margherita pizza made by Chef Ali). Price range for savoury dishes: IDR 70,000 - 395,000 and for dessert: IDR 35,000 - 80,000, which is quite reasonable for an Italian/cafe in a 5 star hotel, but slightly on the steep side if you compare with the ones in shopping malls / independently run restaurants.
Sapori Deli at Fairmont Jakarta (
Right: Iced Hibiscus Tea IDR 60,000 
Sandwiches at Sapori Deli, Fairmont Jakarta (
Sandwiches, available for take away or dine in from the deli
Our evening ended with sweet notes from the Sicilian Cannoli with Sweet Ricotta and Sapori's Signature Zeppole. Before this visit, I've never tried or known about zeppole, so it was great to be introduced to one. Zeppole is a classic Italian pastry, deep fried and filled with various types of filling. Sapori Deli's version of zeppole has light and crusty consistency, while the filling, now this is the best part, is very light & creamy and thick! I love especially the Zeppole with green tea filling, as I could somehow taste the bitter clumps of green tea in the cream melt in my mouth...
Sicilian Cannoli with Sweet Ricotta at Sapori Deli, Fairmont Jakarta (
Sicilian Cannoli with Sweet Ricotta IDR 35,000/pc
Cappuccino and Zeppole at Sapori Deli, Fairmont Jakarta (
Left: Cappuccino IDR 50,000
Right: Sapori's Signature Zeppole with vanilla filling IDR 40,000/pc
Sapori's Signature Zeppole at Sapori Deli, Fairmont Jakarta (
Sapori's Signature Zeppole (green tea filling)
So, come here to purchase goods from the gourmet shop, or to sip a cup of coffee in a nice ambiance, or simply to get your pizza fix for the day. As for me, I'm gonna come here again for my weekly Zeppole fix! =)
Sapori Deli, Fairmont Jakarta (
Example of goods that you could purchase at Sapori Deli: macarons, zeppole, biscotti & other cookies.
FYI, the pesto sauce is seriously good! Though I'm not sure if it's available for sale =P

*) Prices are subject to Service Charge and Government Tax

Operation Hours:
- Deli: 6.30 am - 8 pm
- Restaurant:12 noon - 10 pm

Sapori Deli
Fairmont Jakarta, 3rd Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8
Gelora Bung Karno
Jakarta - 10270
Ph: +6221 29703333

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