Hipster & Classy SALT at Ari, Bangkok

Imagine, dining alfresco in Bangkok, directly under the moon and stars, with a glass of good wine in hand, delectable meal and surrounded with a pleasantly classy crowd, doesn't sound bad at all, ey? But does this kind of place exist in the crowded megapolitan? Actually it does!
SALT at Ari, Bangkok (www.culinarybonanza.com)

If Siam and Sukhumvit in Bangkok are like Legian and Kuta in Bali (crowded, sleazy and overly commercialized); then Ari is like Bali's Seminyak, which is notably classier, less noisy and to a certain extent, fancier. In this post, I'm going to wow you with this ultra lovely and charming space named SALT located in one of the up and coming neighbourhood of Bangkok, Ari.

Salt at Ari in Bangkok, is a heaven for hipster souls (like me!) looking to escape the hustle bustle of tourists-clogged Siam or Sukhumvit areas. You could reach the place by taking the BTS skytrain and alight at Ari, exit the station, then walk your way into one of the sois (Thai for street), about 5-10 minutes walk, depending on your speed. And then voila, you've arrive your destination if you see this facade outside:
SALT at Ari, Bangkok (www.culinarybonanza.com)

The first thing that wowed me was the design of the entire place, which is divided into indoor and outdoor areas.
SALT at Ari, Bangkok (www.culinarybonanza.com)
a glimpse of the indoor, glass-walled 'cube'
SALT at Ari, Bangkok (www.culinarybonanza.com)
And this was the alfresco dining right outside the 'cube'
As this place only operates daily from 5 pm onwards, even when we arrived after sun down, there were only a few customers at that time. The crowd started to build up eventually as the hours passed by. Luckily, the weather that evening was cool enough to sit outside. My only concern was the mosquitoes, while they would bite occasionally, they were not as vicious as the ones we find in Indonesia. I mean, it's quite rare for restaurants in big cities such as Bangkok, to have a completely open space like this...That makes me wonder what would happen if it rains here...

SALT at Ari, Bangkok (www.culinarybonanza.com)

SALT at Ari, Bangkok (www.culinarybonanza.com)

SALT at Ari, Bangkok (www.culinarybonanza.com)

At one end of the outdoor area, is an open-air pizza kitchen, where the cooks prepare the wood-fired pizzas that would be served to the customers. So it's not only open, it's a truly open-air kitchen!

SALT at Ari, Bangkok (www.culinarybonanza.com)
The open-air pizza kitchen

Citing its website, Salt claims to be a wine and cocktail bar, as well a restaurant that offers both Japanese and Western fares such as sushi, sashimi, wood-fired pizza and French dishes. While browsing at the menu book, I couldn't help but to notice just how much Bangkok love Japanese food. If you think SALT is a western fine dining restaurant, wait until you see the menu.

When you have 3 hungry girls, the only sane thing to do, is feed them properly and quickly. We didn't 'flirt' with the any of the appetizers nor sushis or sashimis and headed to order Main Course rightaway. I was torn between the Angel Hair Cayenne with Scallop or the Wagyu Ragu Linguini & Black Mushroom, but I finally decided to choose the latter. For once in my life, it was a well made decision, because my choice turned out to be one fine dish! And then I tried my friends' Salmon Cream Sauce Ravioli as well as Salmon Teriyaki, and they were all, pleasantly tasty and served in just the right portion.
Linguini Ragu Wagyu & Black Mushroom THB 280
Salmon Cream Sauce Ravioli THB 250
Salmon Teriyaki THB 280
Oh, we loved our Banoffee Oreo Pie dessert, wouldn't mind a second helping actually, but we wanted to save some space for the next destination, so we settled with just licking clean our single slice of pie. It's absolutely worth the calories!
Banoffee Oreo THB 150
Hopefully I would come here next time with a special someone, this place is absolutely romantic and lovely for a dinner date, I bet you would agree with me! ;)

*) All prices are subjected to Service Charge & Government VAT
**) Mineral water is complimentary

Open Hours: 5 pm - midnight (daily)

Salt @Aree
Corner Soi Ari 4
Phaholyothin 7, Samsen Nai
Phaya Thai, Bangkok
Ph: +66 26196886
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Facebook: SALT AREE

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stalk my Instagram: @ellynatjohnardi


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