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If you're like me, when looking for gourmet (a.k.a. the non-franchised) coffee establishments, firstly, I would stay off from the shopping malls and secondly, I would look for them around Central or South Jakarta. Why these areas? Simply because that's where they're mostly concentrated at. However, in the recent years, North Jakarta's appetite for real coffee, made by real passionate people, is picking up quickly. It began with Coffee Kulture in Pluit - a cafe that sells all sorts of coffee (and all sorts of food from finger food to dim sum), and early this year, Ombe Kofie, a catchy cafe set up at someone's house, and run by abunch of iPad-toting, hipster, coffee-brewing seniors. And then, there's Pennyroyal Coffee, the newbie in-da-hood, at PIK. As far as I know, Pennyroyal is the first of its kind (gourmet coffee place relying on not much else on the menu other than its coffee and some basic light bites).

I haven't had the chance to share about the other 2 coffee places I mentioned, because I had not visited one of them and the other, I didn't quite get the vibe to write about that place (won't say which is which). But anyway. I visited Pennyroyal last week and felt compelled to share about this little not-so-visible spot with you for several reasons...

Firstly, it's PIK and it's not on the main busy street. Pennyroyal is located exactly at the back alley, right behind Warung Leko. There's only a small chance that you would pass by Pennyroyal, unless you intentionally wander off to this alley. For those living in this affluent neighborhood, you can exclaim huzzah, because now a proper caffeine fix is possible without having to leave the PIK premise.
Penny Royal Coffee (
Penny Royal Coffee (
Penny Royal Coffee (
Look who's occupied the best seat?
Secondly, the owner's bark-first, cuddle-later, white pooch, is there most of the time with the owners. She would be there to welcome the guests, or even accompany you, in exchange for a belly rub, neck scratch or a few strokes of gentle caress. Oh, the name's Mimi and she's adorable and cuddly as a soft toy!
Penny Royal Coffee (
I put Mimi on this stool and she's very well behaved for me to take her photos! =)
Penny Royal Coffee (
My weekend mood be like...
Thirdly, the coffee (of course!)
Max, one of the owners and also the barista of Pennyroyal (who looks, at a glance, like Mark Zuckerberg) is an alumnus of ABCD School of Coffee, THE uber hipster coffee 'warung' set up in the most unlikely place (a traditional market), that exponentially escalates the popularity (as well as the rent prices) of Pasar Santa
Penny Royal Coffee (

When I visited Pennyroyal, the big 'beast' (espresso machine) had not arrived yet, so Max is currently still making the coffee using the smaller La Marzocco. According to Cynthia, who's also one of the owners, the big espresso machine will arrive sometime end of May, fingers crossed. I don't suppose big or small machine would compromise the taste or quality of the coffee, since it's the same person making anyway. But during this grace (soft opening) period, a 15% discount applies to the bill before tax.

Pennyroyal's coffee uses custom blend of coffee beans (majority composition is Blue Batak), sourced from Giyanti Coffee Roastery, another much-older hipster cafe in Central Jakarta, that I have yet shared on my blog unfortunately :( Currently, all of the food, is limited to sweet light bites, such as vanilla choux, carrot cake, banana cake, all of which, are homemade by the owners themselves. I had a piece of the carrot cake and truth be told, I could safely pass without one. Perhaps it wasn't my luck or I should have picked other sweet bites instead.
Penny Royal Coffee (
Left: Cappuccino IDR 32,000
Right: Carrot Cake IDR 30,000
*) Prices are subject to 10% Tax
**) Soft Opening discount 15% off the bill before tax, valid until end of May or until the 'big machine' arrives

Open Hours:
Mondays - Fridays: 8 am - 5 pm
Saturdays: 9.30am - 6 pm
Sundays: Closed

Pennyroyal Coffee
Ruko Cordoba Unit F no. 29
Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)
North Jakarta - 14460
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