Indonesian Cuisine with a Finesse at Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa

What better way to impress traveling businessperson, other than with our rich and diverse Indonesian cuisine? Jakarta Restaurant at The Dharmawangsa surely will impress your distinguished guests from overseas with its Indonesian and Western offerings...
Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (
The Dharmawangsa is a high end boutique hotel, known to host diplomatic guests and distinguished business travellers, as well as celebrities. The hotel's steep association with Indonesian heritage starts the moment guests arrive at the elaborate wooden furnished lobby, to the hallways where a live gamelan artist would normally be playing the instrument, the iconic Indonesian dishes served at the restaurants and up until the rooms (my personal favourite is the duplex room, which is entirely furnished in beautifully aged solid teak. A visit to The Dharmawangsa, even just to have lunch there, always makes me feel like an important person the second I stepped past the gate.

This time round, I paid a visit to have lunch at The Dharmawangsa's iconic Jakarta Restaurant, headed by Executive Chef Vindex Tengker. Chef Vindex is also a member of the culinary experts selected by the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia, to curate the 30 icons of Indonesian cuisine (Ikon Kuliner Traditional Indonesia - IKTI), such as Nasi Tumpeng, Rawon Surabaya, Gado-Gado Jakarta, Sate Ayam Madura. The good news is, some of these 30 icons could be found at Jakarta Restaurant.

Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (

Besides the asian and Indonesian classics, there are actually other western fares as well, such as pasta, salad, steak, some grilled seafood from starters to main course and of course, there is dessert. I would say that you could choose any of the items on the menu, but it would be quite a waste if you do not try the Indonesian dishes when dining here.

Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (
Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (

Browsing through the menu can be quite challenging, because I would want to eat almost everything on it! But oh well, decisions had to be made, so we ordered some Chef's Recommendation (you can hardly go wrong with the chef's suggestions)...But before our meals started to be served, we delighted into the complimentary sweet yam chips with papaya dip and the lovely soft and hard rolls with butter...
Sweet yam chips at Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (
Sweet yam and cassava chips with papaya dip (complimentary)
Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (
Hard roll & butter (complimentary)

Vietnamese Salmon Roll - smoked salmon, lettuce, carrot, mint leaves wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper. Might I say this is the posh version of the traditional Vietnamese fresh spring rolls? You could say there's only thick and juicy salmon in the filling, but there are actually other ingredients inside it. For sashimi lovers, this is definitely a delightful starter.
Vietnamese Salmon Roll at Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (
Vietnamese Salmon Roll IDR 145,000

Iga Panggang Madu - grilled short rib honey black pepper sauce served with jasmine rice. This is a fine & tender grilled short rib, it came on the table still sizzling and the portion is quite huge! Each pieces are perfectly well seasoned with the honey black pepper sauce.
Iga Panggang Madu at Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (
Iga Panggang Madu IDR 245,000

Acehnese Prawn Curry - prawn, eggplant & potato in rich coconut broth with pratha bread or yellow basmati rice. I tried the gravy and it was deliciously rich, but I did not try the prawn (not a fan of prawn haha).

Wagyu Beef Rendang - Dry spicy Indonesian beef curry with coconut milk, galangal, turmeric, leaf & ginger served with kidney bean spring roll and eggplant balado. So, what did a IDR 400k beef rendang taste like? It was nothing like I've ever tasted for sure, because it was made with wagyu beef and because it was Chef Vindex' recipe ;)
Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (
Right: Acehnese Prawn Curry IDR 205,000
Wagyu Rendang at Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (
Wagyu Beef Rendang IDR 415,000
Now, come the most awaited time: dessert! *grins from ear to ear*
Signature Raspberry Mille Feuille - One of the all-time best-selling cake from the Cake Shop at The Dharmawangsa, can also be enjoyed by the slice at Jakarta Restaurant.
Raspberry Millefeuille (
Signature Raspberry Mille Feuille IDR 85,000

Pandan Srikaya - screwpine custard with sticky rice, jackfruit compote and gula melaka. If you were to introduce Indonesian dessert to a first timer, this would certainly be a great starting point.
Pandan Srikaya at Jakarta Restaurant, The Dharmawangsa (
Pandan Srikaya IDR 85,000
Prices here is probably a concern for average diners, including myself. But upon learning that the ingredients are sourced locally from an exclusive collaboration of The Dharmawangsa with local organic farms, I suppose it is a way of showing our appreciation for the local farmers. When you take your guests to dine here, you could even tell them (with much pride) that our local organic farm's produce are actually good enough to make it to the five star hotel tables. =)

Good to know:
- All items served are Halal
- Vegetarian options are available

Open Hours: Daily 6 AM - 11 PM

*) Prices are subject to 21% Government Tax & Service Charge

The Dharmawangsa Jakarta
Jalan Brawijaya Raya No. 26
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta - 12160
Ph: +6221 7258181 ext. 6237/6239

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