Watt's Your Coffee?

Finally, a coffee place that's within 5km radius from my home! All this time I've suffered the disadvantage of residing at the outskirts of central Jakarta (borderline with west and north jakarta) in terms of finding a good, proper coffee place, which seem to tend to flock in the further central and south Jakarta. So when I heard that this new place is not too far from home, I didn't delay any further to pay a visit.
Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)
Newest non-mainstream, non-franchised coffee place in Jakarta: Watt Coffee
So, watt's your coffee gonna be like at Watt Coffee (pun intended LOL)? Firstly, know that your coffee is crafted using Tanamera's various range of coffee beans, so you will see the signature Tanamera sign at the barista counter.

I went there on a Valentine's day morning, like really early ,around 8 AM. I was quite glad to find the owner there too and we chatted quite a bit. Alfred was not a professional barista, prior to this, but he decided to make a serious effort to learn the craft by studying at the hipster school of coffee (ABCD at Pasar Santa) and today Watt is the fruit of his labour.

The place does not look much from the outside, but as you enter through the front door, you'll know that your caffeine deprived souls will rest in peace. My secondary school friend's interior design team actually designed the place and that's how I found out about Watt in the first place. If you're looking for an interior designer team, do check out their portfolio on Instagram @IOORStudio. The most prominent element here is the steam punk design (my friend told me the name), which is apparent from the wall finishing, obtrusive pipe on the walls, corrugated iron walls, etc. I'm not a design expert, so this is as far as I can describe about the place in words. Let my photos do the talking next!
Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)
Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)
Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)
Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)
Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)
Everyone's favourite spot at Watt Coffee
It was an early, and rather overcast morning, so a cuppa joe and food to go was all I needed. At the moment, Watt has its coffee beans and food supplied solely from Tanamera Coffee (meaning you'll find the same carrot cake, quiche, pain a chocolat, croissant, etc here). Alfred, the owner shared with me, that once the kitchen is done, they'll start serving their own food (brunch and breakfast food items). Look forward to when they do!
Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)
Pour over Viet Coffee Drip
Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)
Pain au Chocolat IDR 25,000
Mocha IDR 35,000
Viet Coffee Drip at Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)
Viet Drip IDR 42,000
Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)

It was interesting to see Viet Coffee Drip on the menu, so I ordered it and watched Alfred craft it using his Arabica coffee blend. Viet Coffee is normally made with robusta coffee, so Watt's version piqued my curiosity. Alfred did it by slowly pouring the water over the coffee and let it slowly drip, but he didn't do it all at once. It was pretty much like making a filter coffee, he said. And indeed, it took quite a while for my Viet Drip to arrive at the table. Quite interesting indeed, but I guess for Viet Coffee, I'd still stick with robusta.

Alas, congratulations of the opening of Watt Coffee, I could see myself coming back pretty soon to try the food, most importantly and to get my caffeine fixed.
Watt Coffee Jakarta (source www.culinarybonanza.com)
pondering about his next visit...
*) 5% Gratuity Charge

Good to know:
- Quite large parking space is available
- Outdoor tables allow smoking
- Free wi-fi

Open Hours:
Monday to Sunday, 8AM - 8PM

Watt Coffee
Jl. Kwitang Raya No. 14
Same side as Toko Gunung Agung (click to open in maps)
Senen, Central Jakarta
Ph: +6221 38902803
Instagram: @WattCoffee

For live and regular updates,
stalk my Instagram: @ellynatjohnardi


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