Currently one of my favourite dessert place and restaurant: Shirayuki PIK

As someone who proclaims to be a sweet tooth, I'm quite embarrassed to admit that I caught the Taiwanese / japanese dessert 'bug' a tad too late. It was not until my first visit to one of the most happening dessert places in North Jakarta that I began to understand what the hype was all about.
Shirayuki PIK
Currently one of my favourite dessert place and restaurant!
PIK or Pantai Indah Kapuk is a constantly growing neighbourhood of new eateries, cafes, bars and entertainment in one of north jakarta's residential for the affluent. But normally when I hear that a new place opens there, I'd be wondering if it's any good or worth visiting at all, because from the past experiences, the places would often be nice and impressive, but the quality and type of food would be just average, if not mediocre, or common. That being said, PIK is the birth-place of Jakarta's most successful and unique dessert houses, talk about the likes of Hong Tang, Sumo-Boo, Shirokuma and now, a very strong contender, Shirayuki.

Shirayuki PIK
Shirayuki was once known to public as Kabocha, a casual Japanese eatery that serves both traditional and fusion menu. Now under its new flagship name, Shirayuki, has gained its position back in the limelight and it is not for no reason...even the long queue of expectant guests never cease to be seen here, especially during certain hours.
Shirayuki PIK
Shirayuki PIK
Shirayuki PIK

The evolution of Kabocha to Shirayuki involves renovating the place and interior, as well as updating the menu. So now, each of the food and dessert/beverage menu each take up an entire double folio page! The food menu is the type of comfort japanese food, featuring plenty of furai (deep-fried), katsu, creamy, rice and pasta -> these are what Indonesians love!
Shirayuki PIK

Chicken Wings - delicious, slightly tangy and crispy skin, well marinated!
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings IDR 30,000

Kushikatsu Set C (Chicken, Beef, Spicy Lotus Root, Spicy Shiitake Chicken, Tomato Cheese) -Japanese style of deep fried meat or vegetables on skewers, served with the special dipping sauce.
Kushikatsu Set C (Chicken, Beef, Spicy Lotus Root, Spicy Shiitake Chicken, Tomato Cheese) -Japanese style of deep fried meat or vegetables on skewers, served with the special dipping sauce
Kushikatsu Set C IDR 40,000

Cabe Ijo Bianco - spaghetti with Indonesia's most beloved green chili (cabe ijo), squeeze the kalamansi for some tangy kick. This is a favourite of most of my friends, especially the chili lovers, and I have to admit it, this one does taste good, absolutely recommended.
Cabe Ijo Bianco - spaghetti with Indonesia's most beloved green chili (cabe ijo), squeeze the kalamansi for some tangy kick
Cabe Ijo Bianco IDR 41,000 | add Tiger Prawn IDR 81,000

Salmon Cream Soup Spaghetti - spaghetti in savoury & creamy soup broth, served with salmon chunks and fried tempura, this one is my personal favourite!
Salmon Cream Soup Spaghetti
Salmon Cream Soup Spaghetti IDR 55,000 | add Tiger Prawn IDR 95,000


The Japanese dessert at Shirayuki are not only pretty and cute looking, but tasty as well. The signature here is the kashoku, the name for its secret combination of several types of nuts and grains, which is served as a soft-serve ice cream and beverage. I tried the warm Kashoku Latte and it's like drinking a very fragrant and thick nut milk.
Kashoku Latte
Kashoku Latte IDR 30,000
Cafe Affogato with kashoku soft serve
Cafe Affogato with kashoku soft serve IDR 35,000

Bailey's Kanten - a very interesting dessert, not only do you have the option of 'squeezing' the kanten (jelly) out through the grater, thus the kanten comes out looking like strands of transparent noodles. Then you're supposed to enjoy the kanten by dipping it into the provided 'sauce', in my case it was baileys (alcoholic) and with the side of matcha soft serve.
Bailey's Kanten with soft serve
Bailey's Kanten IDR 36,000

Watanoki Matsuri - Serene Blue (blueberry) cotton candy.
This dessert has caught a lot of attention in the social media for its unique presentation, a towering cotton candy, served with mochi, a soft serve ice cream with your choice of flavour and brown sugar. The brown sugar is actually for the mochi or the soft serve, not the cotton candy, so don't pour it on the cotton candy to avoid looking like an idiot LOL!
Watanoki Matsuri - Serene Blue (blueberry) cotton candy
Watanoki Matsuri - Serene Blue (blueberry) IDR 37,000

Stuffed Mochi Fusion Set with Cracker
If you can't handle too much 'kawaii'ness (ahem, guys!), then you might want to stick with the traditional style dessert, such as this. The surprising element is in the mochi fusion balls, with rice crispy and chocolate filling, like no other mochi I've ever eaten before. I asked if the owner would consider retailing the mochi fusion, she said, they barely manage to produce enough for the cafe, sigh...So, if you so much crave for it, just order another serving of this dessert =P
Stuffed Mochi Fusion Set with Cracker
Stuffed Mochi Fusion Set with Cracker IDR 34,000

What makes me in love with Shirayuki is not only do they served good dessert, but the savoury food also hit all the right notes of my personal taste buds. It's not common to find a dessert place serving many types of savoury food and nailed it well. And talk about the price? It's definitely affordable for the type of quality and taste you get in return. If not because of fear for the queue, I would definitely come here almost every week!

PS: Avoiding the queue...
Expect to see a queue or to wait when you come to Shirayuki, but fret not, because if you know the trick, you could just walk in and have your table right away! The secret either to come before 12 noon, when it opens its door, or to come at 'odd' hours like between 2-3pm after the lunch crowd leaves or 5-6pm before the dinner crowd comes.

Open Hours:
Friday - Wednesday: 12 noon - 10 PM
Thursdays are closed

*) Prices are subject to Government Tax & Service Charge

Rukan Emerald No. 10 (same side as Fresh Market PIK)
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph: +6221 24060570 (they do not accept reservations)

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