Fashion Blogger AnazSiantar Divulges Her Relationship with Food

Who would have thought the petite and pretty almost porcelain doll-like figure sitting before me used to be 9kg heavier, and despite her demure look, Anastasia Siantar can actually eat, without even flinching, what most people would consider unsightly but edible  entrails of an animal. Apparently, there’s a lot more fascinating facts about Anastasia Siantar than meets the eye, thus much I can say about the young & wildly popular fashion blogger, as we sat down and chat over some foodgasmic Crispy Pork Belly, one of the signature dish at TheFctry Bistro in West Jakarta.
Anastasia Siantar

Anastasia Siantar, 3rd child of 5 (all girls) siblings, is actually a Tourism Management graduate, who got her degree in Singapore and then went on to learn French language in Paris for 2 years. Anastasia, or more endearingly known to her avid mass of followers as AnazSiantar, lost a significant weight when she decided out of the blue, during high school, to lose weight. What Anaz did, would not be recommended by any dieticians, but shedding 9 kg in 3 weeks was a drastic change indeed, that her peers thought she went under the knife. Anaz did the feat with iron will and over the years, she has developed her own eating habit that maintains her petite figure, yet still allows her to indulge herself in the real treats. And her secrets? A cup of latte for breakfast, drink water, eat lunch heartily, avoid rice and bread and most importantly, try to avoid dinner, unless she was at an event or a special occasion.

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Only Anaz can pull off wearing a black hat without looking like a witch!
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After holding back our saliva all the while taking the photos, I finally got a few decent shots of Anaz. We finally could delight in the tender and well seasoned, slow-cooked Crispy Pork Belly, served with silky smooth mashed potato, and the famous spicy Ox Tongue Don with Foie Gras. But our conversation continued…
TheFctry's notorious Crispy Pork Belly on a bed of smooth potato mash
TheFctry's notorious Crispy Pork Belly on a bed of smooth potato mash
ET: Hi Anaz, care to start with a short introduction about yourself?
Anaz: Hello, I'm Anastasia Siantar, 25 years old, I first joined in 2009 and didn't expect the response was really good. Since then, many people asked me to make a blog and yeah, I started blogging two years after that.

ET: 3 little known facts about yourself that is related with food:
1. I love to eat good food
2. I like taking pictures of beautiful food
3. Japanese food is always a good idea for me

ET: Do you have a favourite food and what is it?
Anaz: Yes, I love Sashimi! Especially the fresh one.

ET: What's your typical breakfast like?
Anaz: A cup of latte in the morning is more than enough for me; it never fails to make my day.

ET: Please share your favourite restaurant/cafe/eatery in Jakarta and overseas, what makes you love it?
1. Tatemukai at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Fresh and really good sashimi, this is the best omakase in Jakarta, period.
 2. Jöel Robuchon at Champs Élysées, Paris, France. French fine dining at its finest!
 3. Bonjour Cafe at Ranch Market Pesanggrahan, Jakarta. This is simply my favorite place to chill out with my little sister, because it's really near my house, it's one of my favorite place to take pictures too.

ET: Do you consider yourself a picky / selective eater?
Anaz: Nope, I eat almost everything, including the entrails of an animal, such as the guts, lungs, liver, heart, you name it. It seems gross to some, but I’m actually pretty fine with it, because these are cooked anyway and aren’t served raw. That being said, I do have my own limits and will not have the guts to eat a balut (fertilized egg of chicken or duck, a traditional Filipino delicacy). (same here, girl)

ET: Name one food that you will never ever touch / eat?
Anaz: Bittergourd!

ET: Do you cook? If yes, what's your signature dish?
Anaz:  I'm not good in cooking, but I'm really good in making crabstick (kani) salad hahaha! (oh, I'd love to try your salad someday! haha)

ET: Please share your tips with The Foodie readers on how to eat well and still look great like yourself?
Anaz: I always eat enough for myself, not too much and simple exercise will do.

ET: You take great photos (of yourself and of objects), where did you pick up the skill and would you mind sharing some tips to The Foodie readers?
Anaz: Oh wow I'm flattered, but really my pictures are nothing compared to the pictures taken by other talented bloggers in Jakarta. To be honest, I don't always take good pictures and I only post those which are good enough in my eyes.


Thank you Anas, it has been a real pleasure to chat with you! I wish you a much more brilliant career and that you'll keep inspiring us with your style. Cheerio!

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  2. Finally, the secret is revealed. I always wonder how she maintain her figure. Been a fan of Brown Platform since she take pictures around the house until the streets of Paris. Keep up the good work. Anyway, you two must have chatted in French!



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