Vintage, Garage & Lounge Becomes One at Yesterday Lounge

This place is hidden from plain eyesight, not just because it is located on the street less commonly travelled, but also because of the greeneries that conceal the maze of autoland and vintage paraphernalia inside. I'm talking about a place I visited many yesterdays ago, Yesterday Lounge.

Once inside, you'll flashback to the past, even if momentarily. The entire ground used to be a private property, which upon the friends' requests, become partially converted into a lounge, a vintage jeep cars garage and at the back, some buildings out of bounds to the visitors. This is the sort of place that excites the 'hipster sense' in people like me.


Yesterday Lounge is the kind of place where you could:
1. Use as a photo shoot location (pre-wedding, fashion, personal, instagram, you name it). If it's for professional use, meaning additional lighting, etc required, charges do apply. Click to view the photo session package. Let me take you on a tour around the site!

The outdoor garage area:
Yesterday Lounge
Reminds me of old wild west town!
Yesterday Lounge
Yesterday Lounge
Yesterday Lounge
Right: that's the turtle guarding the site

The outdoor tables & lounge:
Yesterday Lounge
Yesterday Lounge
Yesterday Lounge

The indoor lounge:
Yesterday Lounge
Space for Live Music performance
Yesterday Lounge
Yesterday Lounge
Benches made of old benzene cans and tables from old car wheels
The place feels old and masculine, with various auto-related stuff, such as tables and chairs made from benzene cans, machines, etc. I think it's a good and unique way to reuse the auto junks, well done!

2. A place to relax, chill, eat & drink.
Of course, being a lounge, Yesterday Lounge do provide food and drinks. I did not expect much from the place, because the kitchen is nowhere to be seen in the main lounge area. I thought there will be only finger foods that taste average. However, I'm more than pleased to find they actually have a complete range of food, from salad to dessert.

The menu is a mix of Asian and Western, predominantly Indonesian and some Dutch food. View the menu here
Strawberry Caipiroska Mocktail
Right: Strawberry Caipiroska Mocktail IDR 45,000
Heritage Tubruk Coffee IDR 20,000
Rawon Iga
Rawon Iga Klenger IDR 75,000
Yesterday Lounge Food
Right: Carburator Carbonara Pizza IDR 55,000
(photo above) Rawon Iga Klenger - unbelievably tender beef ribs cooked in dark brown spicy broth of keluwak and other spices, served with rice, bean sprouts and prawn crackers. I've only eaten Rawon several times, but I can tell that this is quite well done! The beef ribs are cooked tender and the dark brown broth is well spiced, not overwhelming.

(photo above) Carburator Carbonara Pizza - thin pizza with carbonara, sauce, ham, egg and cheese toppings.

Beef Bibimbap
(photo above) Beef Bibimbap - rice bowl topped with various grated vegetables, beef bulgogi and sunny side up egg. I like this rice bowl, although the beef chunks put up a bit of resistance, but the generous layer of well seasoned veggies is more than enough to accompany the rice.

Poffertjes IDR 29,000 (7 pcs)
(photo above) Poffertjes - traditional Dutch dessert, ball-shaped pancakes and topped generously with caster sugar. The poffertjes are quite big, so don't expect them to come in bite size. Good to go with coffee, no? :)

Besides the normal menu, there's currently Special Ramadhan Break-fasting menu, which is available daily between 6 - 8 PM. Have a look:
Yesterday Lounge Ramadan Promotion

So, to reward you for reading this far, I have collaborated with Yesterday Lounge to give away 4 vouchers, each worth IDR 250,000 (that's enough to treat 2 persons for break-fasting dinner!). This is how you can participate:
1. Follow Yesterday Lounge's Instagram @yesterdayloungejkt and 'Like' their Facebook page: Yesterday Lounge
2. Capture and share with us, on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, your #culinarybonanza moment, accompanied with your caption, make it funny, inspiring, anything catchy!
3. In the caption remember to mention @yesterdayloungejkt and me @ellynatjohnardi and use #culinarybonanza
4. Winners will be picked based on the overall aesthetic of the photos.
5. Each accounts can submit more than 1 entries. More entries, means more chance to win.
6. Submissions are closed after the whistle blows at the Final Game of World Cup match (5 AM on 14 July 2014). Winners selected are final, but no worries, I still have plenty of vouchers to give away. =)

So, I'm waiting to see photos of your #CulinaryBonanza moment, submit as many as you want!

*) Prices are subject to Tax & Service Charge
**) Happy hour: 6 PM onwards (daily)

Open Hours:
(please call the number below to make sure)

Jl. Pangeran Antasari No.36 (Open in Google Maps)
Cipete Selatan - South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 75909383 / +6281280788230


  1. We came today at 12pm, they weren't going to open till 2pm. Too bad they don't update the change of hours on their website

  2. Ah, really? That's really regrettable...Sorry that you had to encounter this. I'll definitely encourage my readers to call the venue in advance to ensure the open hours. Thank you for letting us know though! :)



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