Feed Your Bohemian Soul at Fitzroy Gastropub

Have you been to Fitzroy (not the artsy suburb in Melbourne, but the gastropub in Senopati, Jakarta)?

Fitzroy Gastropub Jakarta

The small rooftop hideout is located at the peak (3rd floor) of Gunawarman 30 building, accessible via staircase or transparent elevator (I'd choose the latter for a classy entrance LOL). The name and the logo already indicates the roots: Australian. The place itself is a representation of the boho, eclectic & laid back vibe of the artsy part of Melbourne. While the dingo, which is chosen as the logo of this gastropub, could not be any more Australian. So late prowlers, if you haven't got any idea where to crash at late night, you can wind down here and howl with other fellow bohemian souls.

The Place
On a hipster scale of 1 - 10, Fitzroy scores a perfect 10.
Not directly visible location? check
Quirky interior: check
Live music: check (on weekends)
Semi open air venue: check

So basically this is a place that a hipster foodie like me can safely call home, if not for the constant arrival of guests and the existing ones taking ages to settle their bills. It is perpetually packed and might get a little claustrophobic at peak hours. But other than that, the venue is lovely to hang out at over a wide selection of drinks (extensive choice of alcoholic drinks) and  familiar comfort food.
Fitzroy Gastropub Jakarta

Fitzroy Gastropub Jakarta
Left: the small tall table at the balcony directly facing the street
Fitzroy Gastropub Jakarta

Fitzroy Gastropub Jakarta
Left: the most desired spot of the entire floor at the corner right next to the window facing the street. The background is just a perfect backdrop for taking hipster photos!
Fitzroy Gastropub Jakarta

Fitzroy Gastropub Jakarta

Fitzroy Gastropub Jakarta

As a gastro pub, the food menu are not exactly jaw dropping in terms of variety, but still interesting enough. The very Australian Ox Tongue Rice Bowl aka Mr. Moo's Gyu Tan Don is a must try (according to my friends, I didn't try it, because I'm not very keen with the idea of eating tongue). Or it can be served with fried rice as Mr. Moo's Gyu Tan Chahan. The food menu itself is a mish mash of food from various culture, such as Mexican, Japanese, Thai, American, etc. For the standard of Gunawarman / Senopati area, the price is considerably affordable.

Expect nothing short of quirky for the drinks, such as the cocktail for sharing "Friends of Mine" that comes served in a shabu-shabu pot and then you mix the ball-shaped fruits into the vodka 'broth', or the Vodka shots combo (blueberry, green apple ginger, pomegranate orange, strawberry apple or marshmallow infused vodka). Get hippy and get high!

The Food & Drinks

Mint Condition - strawberry & kiwi mocktail with mint served in a jar with plenty of crushed ice. Very refreshing for Jakarta's hot weather.
Left: Iced Cappuccino | Right: strawberry & kiwi mocktail
Left: Iced Cappuccino IDR
Right: Mint Condition IDR 38,000

Kanpai Yaki - Mixed chicken and beef teppanyaki with creamy buttered sauce served with rice. So, I already mentioned that I'm not a tongue eater, so I chose other more boring dish and I chose this Kanpai Yaki. It is rather simple and tasted a bit spicy, but I quite like it (anything with cream or butter already scores at least 50% in my taste test...LOL). I like it with additional sunny side up egg (for an additional charge).
Kanpai Yaki - Mixed chicken and beef teppanyaki with creamy buttered sauce served with rice
Kanpai Yaki IDR 58,000 (sunny side up egg +IDR 10,000)

Dolce Banana, Cream & Dark Choco Pizza - crispy thin pizza, topped with generous cream that tasted like caramel, banana slices and drizzled with dark chocolate. I like it as despite the cringe-inducing look, turns out it does not taste that sweet! The vanilla ice cream melts pretty quickly, so, it is best to finish it soon as it reaches your table (it won't last long anyway, as it tastes yums!).
Dolce Banana, Cream & Dark Chocolate Pizza
Dolce Banana, Cream & Dark Chocolate Pizza IDR 45,000 (8-10 slices)
During this world cup season, Fitzroy is also showing live matches, so if you're looking for a hipster place to watch the matches, do make a reservation in advance, because I'm sure it is going to be a full house.

*) Prices are subject to Government Tax & Service Charge

Open Hours:
Sunday -Thursday : 12 noon - 1 AM
Friday - Saturday : 12 noon -3 AM

Fitzroy Gastropub Jakarta
JL. Gunawarman No. 30 (click to open location in Google Maps)
Ph: +6221 7394917 / +62 82111112410 / +62 81288992410
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