Ideally, I would Grab My Morning Coffee Here Daily

One Fifteenth Coffee has been around in Jakarta for a few years now and I've heard rave reviews about this place, it was only a matter of time for me to pay homage to many Jakartan's favourite coffee place.
Top: Sumatra Dolok Sanggul, Syphon IDR 60,000

I love the place, from the moment I see its external facade. I always love the kind of places with a space to park right outside, with no hourly parking rates and it's just convenient (sorry shopping malls). With clean and modern interior, and plenty of spaces to sit at, it is easy to settle here and forget about the time. I'm glad the main sitting area is non-smoking and they provide a separate room for smoking patrons at the back. The building has a second floor, which I know has been used to host events or exhibitions.
One Fifteenth Coffee
One Fifteenth Coffee Jakarta

Coffee wise, I have no doubt at all about the quality. After all, One Fifteenth (the name derived from the golden ratio of coffee to water, believed to produce the perfect cup of joe) is one of the favourite jewels of avid caffeine drinkers. 1/15 also takes much pride in their skilled and passionate baristas (I saw their Twitter timeline, where they share about Joe's story - one of their new baristas).
One of the baristas at One Fifteenth Coffee
Rizki, who competed in Angel-in-Us Barista Grand Prix in Seoul, Korea
Compared to Tanamera, the beverage & food menu here sees more variety, but it is only normal, as Tanamera is much newer than here.The beverage menu is divided into Espresso (made with la Marzocco espresso machine), Filter Bar, Cold Drip and 'Tasting Flight' (coffee cupping for serious drinkers, choice of single origins, filter, espresso, etc). You can find the beverage menu here.

I had difficulty making an order, because my wish is to try all, but I have to limit my recreational caffeine on a Sunday (too much of anything is never good). So I settled with the Rock Java Lime a.k.a. Rojali, a cold drip (Javanese Ciwidey) with soda and lime, served on ice. It tasted refreshing and unique. I never knew that coffee pairs well with lime!
lRock Java Lime Cold Drip Coffee One Fifteenth Coffee
RoJaLi IDR  31,818
Didn't feel quite hungry at the time, so I didn't try the (real) food, and only ordered the Churros. Although the Food Menu seemed quite appealing (and very reasonably priced); there were Sandwich, (light) Bites, Specials: Western breakfast items (eggs benedict, toast, big breakfast, etc) and Indonesian classic favourites (tekwan, pempek, mie celor, etc). I won't say the churros are 'WOW', but they make pretty fun and filling companion for the long hours spent here.
Churros with Chocolate Dip
Churros with Chocolate Dip IDR 27,272 (for 8 churros sticks)
La Marzocco Espresso Machine
La Marzocco, the beast that churns out your espresso
One Fifteenth Coffee Jakarta
One Fifteenth is open at 7AM daily, ideally, I would grab my morning coffee from here daily.

*) Prices are subject to 10% PB1 ad 5% Service

Open Hours: 7 AM - 9 PM (daily)

One Fifteenth Coffee
JL. Gandaria I No. 63
South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 7225678
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