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Kemang always fascinates me with its eclectic blend of the have and the have-nots, the locals, the ethnic minorities and the expats from all over the world. Invariably, the sort of hang out places that sprung up in the area, mostly appeal to the bigger spender, the tourists, non-locals and the wealthier residents. However, there are actually a few affordable spots that has been and is still a favourite, especially among the local youths, such as Warung Pasta. The story about this italian 'warung' serving western food but at local price dated back to my high school days and it is still going strong with the opening of its branches not only in Jakarta, but other cities like Bandung, Depok and Jogjakarta.

Kopi Palawija with milk at Warung Kopi Sruput Kemang Jakarta
Right: Kopi Palawija + Susu IDR 15,000
Finding a place to have a cuppa in Kemang is an easy feat, but I was particularly drawn by Warung Kopi Sruput (WKS), nestled right under Warung Pasta, not only because of the unusually affordable price, but for the unique flavours on the menu. Apparently, WKS in Kemang came from Jogjakarta, which, according to Jie (inijie.com), is run by passionate and knowledgeable local baristas.

The variety of coffee listed on the menu is good and decent enough, as it has something to satiate every palate. For those who love Starbucks-like, syrupy frozen coffee, try the Banana Affogato or Mocha Avocado. Whereas for coffee snobs, you might want to give the Kopi Wedang or the Premium Single Origins (Papua Wamena, Flores Bajawa, Aceh Gayo Organic, etc) a shot (or two!). Apart from the various flavours to choose from, patrons can also make special requests on the desired coffee preparation (tubruk, pulled or brewed) and type of milk (non-fat, fresh, sweet condensed).

As an amateur self-proclaimed coffee snob, I ordered one of the Kopi Wedang and chose the Kopi Palawija + Susu: Javanese coffee brew spiced with clove, nutmeg and cinnamon and mixed with milk.

The menu at WKS only lists beverage items (coffee and non-coffee), so if you want something to bite, you can order from Warung Pasta upstairs and you could still enjoy your food downstairs at WKS. That's exactly what I did, the kind barista assisted me with ordering the food from Warung Pasta and I had it at one of the alfresco tables at WKS. I decided to try my luck and went a bit adventurous with my choice of Pizza Crispy Jenki - crispy thin crust 20cm diameter pizza with cheese and salted crispy achovies topping. The menu description said that it was supposed to have green chili sauce on top of it, but I tasted none. I was too lazy to ask them about the discrepancy so I just continued crunching my pizza away.
Pizza Crispy Jenki - crispy thin crust 20cm diameter pizza with cheese and salted crispy achovies topping
Pizza Crispy Jenki IDR 29,900 /plate
Left: Crispy thin pizza Right: traditional Indonesian fried banana
An eclectic combination of culture
Such a pity that the place is showing signs of wearing off. The stained sofas, some dusty surfaces and flies hovering around might turn some snobby patrons off. At Warung Kopi Sruput and Warung Pasta, even if you are broke at the end of the month, you can still enjoy life with a cup of good coffee and some decent, tummy-filling Italian food. Just have to know where to find it.
Inside Warung Kopi Sruput Kemang Jakarta
Inside Warung Kopi Sruput Kemang Jakarta
Inside Warung Kopi Sruput Kemang Jakarta
The Barista making latte art
The barista making latte art
A cute smiling chubby hippo latte art
Natural rock sugar
Natural rock sugar (self-service) to sweeten your coffee

*) Prices are subject to 5% Service Charge and 10% Tax PB1

Warung Kopi Sruput
Plaza Kemang 88 (complex), Ground Floor
JL. Kemang Raya No. 88
Kemang - South Jakarta
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Warung Pasta
Plaza Kemang 88 (complex), 2nd & 3rd Floor
JL. Kemang Raya No. 88
Kemang - South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 7193776
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  1. I'm in Kemang area on most weekends for work, but i didn't know about this place. I will get my coffee fix here this weekend. Thanks for recommending, El :)

    1. Hi Jess! It's my pleasure, always love to share off the path places like this, have u got any too, bagi2 yah ;)



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