Now Brewing in Jakarta: Tanamera Coffee and Roastery

There is a new artisan coffee place in Jakarta, that has been stealing the attention, particularly of the food bloggers I know. The appearance of several artisan cafes in Jakarta nowadays is a good sign that the locals are starting to be able to recognize and appreciate the true craftsmanship and true flavours of coffee. These artisan coffee places seem to be concentrated in South Jakarta, so when I heard that Tanamera Coffee is located actually centrally and quite near where I live, I welcome it as a good wind of change. Finally, I can enjoy a decent artisan coffee without having to travel 20km south. (huff!)

One of the best Affogato ever! Tanamera Coffee
One of the best Affogato ever! IDR 40,000

Piccolo latte
Piccolo Latte IDR 30,000
Tanamera Coffee is located inside an office complex (ruko) of Thamrin City and finding the place might be tricky as it is not the kind of place one would easily stumble upon on their way, unless you spend most of your time in this area. The building itself is several storeys, but currently, only the first level is open for public, which already fits in 5 tables and seats, as well as the coffee roasting machine and the counter where the barista and the cashier are stationed. The place sure gets pretty claustrophobic at peak hours, so my suggestion is to try your luck at odd hours. Since it's inside a complex, parking is charged by the hour and with the limited area for the guests to sit at, grab-and-go sounds like a good idea.
Tanamera Coffee and Roastery Jakarta
The Barista and Cashier counter
I visited Tanamera in the afternoon of a public holiday, and there were other patron who came before me and they did not seem to be leaving soon. Lucky there was still one table left at the corner. Menu wise, do not ask for hazelnut latte or whatnots, Tanamera's menu offering is limited, both drinks and food (currently only food available are those on display). I had a cup of piccolo latte and a slice of Guinness Beer cake with cream cheese frosting. The piccolo latte was a really good, with balanced flavour and aroma, leaving a clean after-taste. Cake wise, it was a unidimensional experience, meaning, there was a lack of sensation apart from sweet. I guess I would've had better luck with other food items, gotta try my luck again for my next visit.

Banana Caramel Cake, Chocolate Danish and coffee for breakfast
Banana Caramel Cake IDR 30,000
Chocolate Danish IDR 25,000
Left: Piccolo Latte Right: Guinness Beer Cake (slice)
Left: Piccolo Latte
Right: Guinness Beer Cake (slice)
Smoked Salmon Sandwich IDR 70,000
Tanamera Coffee
Red Latte IDR 35,000
Daily Brew Coffee IDR 30,000
Menu at Tanamera Coffee (
Top: Homemade Granola (Original Crunch) IDR 50,000
Bottom: Eggs Florentine IDR 55,000
You should come to Tanamera Coffee and try the fine fresh artisan coffee: espresso based, hot brew or the cold brew. One of the cold brew (I overheard the barista who was talking to a new walk-in customer, it's how small the place is) actually sound very interesting: Aceh Gayo with Coke. This would definitely be one of the next item I'm going to try when I revisit soon.

1. Central Jakarta
Thamrin City Office Park AA 07
Jakarta - 10230
Ph: +6221 29625599
Open Hours: 7 AM - 8 PM (daily)

2. South Jakarta
Jl. Ahmad Dahlan No 16
Kebayoran - 12130
Ph: +6221 72786111
Open Hours: 6.30 AM- 10PM (daily)

3. Serpong
Summarecon Scientia Square Park
Jalan Scientia Boulevard No. #Gv-09
Serpong, Tangerang - 15810
Ph: +6221 29171233
Open Hours: Mon – Fri : 10 AM - 10 PM | Sat – Sun: 7 AM - 10 PM

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