Arguably The Best Tamago Around, Marutama Ra-Men

One of the best things about Marutama Ra-men is its consistency across its outlets in delivering the perfect bowl of ramen and arguably the best tamago around. With the special preparation method, the tamago here never fail to reach the desired perfection, set white egg that is slightly savoury and runny yolk core that bursts with delicious creaminess when cut apart. And also its toripaitan (chicken-based) broth has a special sort of milkiness and richness that is different to tonkotsu (pork-based) broth.

Quite recently, Marutama Ra-Men has introduced several new items on its menu, adding even more variety to its best-selling toripaitan ramen. Sub-categorized under "Special Ramen", the ramen repertoire or Marutama's is now joined by:
~ Aka Ramen, mildly spicy chicken stock cooked with 7 kinds of ground nuts to result in thicker broth and nutty taste
~ Ebi Ramen, fresh tiger prawn cooked together with chicken broth and mixed with dried shrimp paste. The result? A very rich prawn soup base ramen.
~ Tanmen, basic toripaitan broth cooked with 7 kinds of vegetables.
~ Miso Ramen, miso sauce mixed in the toripaitan broth and topped with fresh vegetables

A feast at Marutama Ra-men is always very much welcome, it's just too bad my family do not share as much fanaticism for ramen as I do. So, I'd usually enjoy these with my friends. Now, prepare yourselves to drool over these yumminess!

Tamago Ra-Men IDR 66,000

Curry Katsu Rice served with fried boneless chicken or pork. The curry sauce is cooked with apple, a unique combination that results in the slight tanginess in the curry. Delish!
Curry Katsu Rice served with fried boneless chicken or pork from Marutama Ra-men
Curry Katsu Rice IDR 62,000

Gyoza with chicken or pork and vegetables filling.
Gyoza from Marutama Ra-men
Gyoza IDR 32,000 for 6 pcs

Chawan Mushi with chicken and shimeji topping.
Chawan Mushi with chicken and shimeji topping from Marutama Ra-men
Chawan Mushi IDR 18,000

And for dessert, we had this Dorayaki ice cream.You can choose from the available ice cream flavours: blackpepper, edamame and ogura.
Dorayaki ice cream from Marutama Ra-men
Dorayaki Ice Cream IDR 28,000
For pork lovers, don't worry because most of the main items come with chicken or pork options, so your porky craving will still be fulfilled alright. So, how about having a bowl of ramen tonight? ;)

Marutama Ra-Men Indonesia
1. Sentral Senayan 1 Building Office Tower | Basement floor #10 BC | Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Senayan | South Jakarta | Ph: +6221 5724050
2. eX Plaza Indonesia | 2nd Floor #20 | Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav 28-30 | Central Jakarta | Ph: +6221 3160705
3. Jl. Pluit Putra Raya No. 15 A | North Jakarta | Ph: +6221 6691199
4. Puri Indah Mall | Jl. Puri Agung Puri Indah | SF- 240 Level 2 | Kembangan, West Jakarta | Ph: +6221 5823193
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For complete list of international Marutama Ra-men outlets, click here.


  1. i think this ramen is halal because i click on your halal label. hehe. thanks for the review :)



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