Indonesia's First Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Outlet

What happens when freshly-pressed lemonade meets liquid nitrogen?

The making of liquid nitrogen ice cream at LIN Artisan Ice Cream

Just 2 minutes later, you'll get this silky smooth lemon sorbet for dessert. Isn't it amazing, creating ice cream from fresh raw ingredients and  all it takes is 2 minutes to crystallize into ice! The permutation of flavour is literally endless. 
LIN Artisan Ice Cream Lemon Sorbet is made with liquid nitrogen and freshly squeezed lemonade
Lemon Sorbet IDR 36,000 /cup

Jakarta's latest obsession trend is about liquid nitrogen (sorry cronuts, but now we think you are overrated). This is proven by the appearance of several liquid nitrogen ice cream outlets in Jakarta's shopping malls since LIN Artisan Ice Cream debuted in June this year. But no worries LIN, you know what they say "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery".

About LIN Artisan Ice Cream
LIN Artisan Ice Cream can proudly claim to be the first liquid nitrogen ice cream outlet in Indonesia, because it is the trendsetter. One cannot talk about LIN Artisan without talking about the owner and chief conceptor, Ms. Astrid, who mentioned of her experience learning about ice cream making all the way to Italy! Together with her husband they've also been running Papabubble Caramels Artesan in Grand Indonesia. Talk about dedication, LIN's ice cream only uses natural and fresh ingredients, no preservatives, additives or colourings. That means you cannot take away the ice cream and store it in your fridge and hope it will last 2 weeks unspoiled (because it will).
On the left of the picture is the Owner and Conceptor of LIN Artisan Ice Cream, Astrid H.W.
Owner & Conceptor of LIN Artisan Ice Cream Astrid H.W. (left)
The Location
Located at jalan Taman Kemang, the street beside the Colony building that leads towards Lippo Mall Kemang. It's about the opposite of Parc19, right underneath Umbra Bar.

The Place
Raw Modern architecture interior, open kitchen where you can watch the 'magic' happening, the back porch is a cosy quiet spot on a cool day to lounge with friends and enjoy the weather with a cup of ice cream.
LIN Artisan Ice Cream outlet at Taman Kemang from the outside
The back porch of LIN Artisan Ice Cream's outlet with pond and mini garden creates a relaxing mood
The serene back porch of LIN Artisan's outlet
The tanks storing LN2 in cryogenic state
The tanks storing LN2 in cryogenic state
When LN2 is discharged from the pipe, the liquid in the mixing bowl crystallizes almost immediately
When LN2 is discharged from the pipe, the liquid in the mixing bowl crystallizes almost immediately

The Menu
The menu is simple and not light, totaling 12 flavours of Gelato (milk-based) and Sorbet (fruit juice-based), available with Waffle or Cone Add-ons. There;s also Signature coffee beverages made with Javabica coffee and LIN Special Menu that brings LN2 ice cream to the next level by combining LIN's ice cream with liquid like coffee and Bailey's. Currently available flavours are Affogato, Passion Latte and Bailey's Cap.

Besides sweet stuff, there are several finger foods to accompany your snack time such as French Fries, Prawn & Squid Balls, Fish Nugget, Chicken Nugget. The nuggets are homemade, not the ones you find in supermarkets.

The Food
Except for super strict, health conscious dieters, I bet almost everyone can eat and will like the food here, because they are quick-cooking comfort food after all. The ice creams are especially impressive; because of the speedy crystallization time, the resulting ice cream is very smooth. Perhaps due to this factor, the ice cream seems to melt slightly more quickly compared to the conventional refrigeration processed ice cream. That's why I'd recommend that LIN ice cream is best consumed immediately.

From those that I tried, my favourite is the Affogato (I'm a coffee addict). I cannot wait to revisit LIN as I'd really love to try the Passion Latte (Passionfruit ice cream on top of warm latte) or the Beer Pong (made from beer).

FYI, the sugar level could be adjusted upon request, which means LIN's ice cream is save even if you are not allowed to eat high sugar intake (for medical reasons or others).
Clockwise from top left: French Fries, Squid & Prawn Balls, Chicken Nugget and Fish Nugget
Clockwise from top left: French Fries IDR 29,000, Squid & Prawn Balls IDR 22,000, Chicken Nugget IDR 22,000 and Fish Nugget IDR 22,000
Left: Affogato made with Vanilla ice cream and warm Javabica espresso Right: Smiley Bailey's
Left: Affogato made with Vanilla ice cream and warm Javabica espresso IDR 62,000
Right: Smiley Bailey's IDR 69,000
Merry Strawberry LIN Artisan Ice Cream
Merry Strawberry IDR 39,000
For franchise opportunities, you could send your inquiries here.

Open Hours: 11 AM - 11 PM

LIN Artisan Ice Cream
JL. Taman Kemang I No. 6 (Under Umbra Bar)
Kemang, South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 71794393
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