Pipiltin Cocoa

"Pipiltin", my brother said it sounds like a dwarf's name, but when I looked it up online, there's no such thing. In fact, 'pipiltin' refers to the name of a noble social class in the Mexican Empire. Apparently, Mexican Empire and Pipiltin has something in common: cocoa. Further reading up on the history of chocolate, it would be amiss not to mention Mesoamerica, where two great empires, The Aztecs and The Mayans, once thrived. The Mesoamericans highly prized cocoa such that these were even made as offerings to their gods and even as a payment method.

Pipiltin Cocoa, an aptly chosen name for this rather new establishment in South Jakarta, is a major draw for chocolate fans and sweet tooths. Since its main selling point is: "We make chocolate from scratch; bean to bar process", it made me curious and I really wanted to observe the process, but when I came on Sunday morning (about 10.30 AM), the workshop was idle. Disappointment.

Like a kid robbed of her lollipop, I was disappointed again when one of the desserts I wanted: Egg No, was unavailable (the staff mentioned the ingredients were out of stock or something). So I tried just one of the various signatures: Tabanan Chocolate 64% (mousse, chocolate creameaux, chocolate pearl & dehydrated chocolate mousse). Inspired by Tabanan beach, it's basically 64% chocolate in various states (frothy, powdery, creamy, solid) and shapes (wafer, ball, shapeless, etc) presented aesthetically on a plate to look like rolling waves crashing against the shores. It's a real treat for true chocolate connoisseurs, but for those who aren't , might say that it lacks sugar.
Tabanan Chocolate 64% IDR 50,000

Then we ordered the Sacher Torte, thick layers or chocolate cake. It was too dry to my liking, so I let my brother finish it. I tried the macarons too, which was quite a good deal for the price.
Sacher Torte IDR 30,000 / slice
Assorted Macaron IDR 10,000/piece

Of the Savoury items we ordered, the one that stood out was the Nasi Goreng Hejo (in the picture below, background).
Foreground: Nasi Ayam Bakar Rujak IDR 45,000
Background: Nasi Goreng Hejo IDR 35,000
Foreground: Pizza Smoked Salmon IDR 55,000
Background: Prata Sandwich IDR 50,000
Spaghetti Aglio Olio IDR 40,000

Before coming, I had seen many beautiful and mouthwatering pictures of the desserts and had so much expectations for Pipiltin that I put forth good words about it to my family and dragged them all the way to South Jakarta with me. But the reality was lackluster, or perhaps I was being unrealistic. If it is any consolation, knowing that Pipiltin uses local cocoa beans from Pidie Jaya, Aceh & Tabanan and Bali indirectly shows our support for the local cacao farmers. Despite the moanings, I'd still say you should visit Pipiltin at least once, the place has a quite nice interior anyway.

Come here for: chocolate-themed and non-cake dessert, chocolate drinks, watch the live chocolate making process, from behind the glass of course, unless you have made a prior special arrangement with the management to allow you to participate.

*) Prices are subject to 5% Services and 10% Tax.

Pipiltin Cocoa
JL. Barito II No. 5
Kebayoran Baru - South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 72800011


  1. I guess it's one of those over expected moments El? I think it would be great if Pipiltin could inform its guests the best visiting hour, i.e.: when the chocolate making happens.

    1. Yeah, it's exactly like you say Mas: sometimes less expectation is better ya...

  2. That's too bad about the chocolate making thing, but that is one good looking plate of chocolate! ;)

    1. It actually taste good too ;) You should try the other dessert when you come here.

  3. Oooh. You got me curious. I need to see this place.

    Anyhoo... we have a common friend. :) Deisy of What's New JKT.



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