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One sunny day, around tea time, a package arrived and a note came with it, which was signed as "Lady Eve". Somewhere among the words, I noticed the word "couverture". Thought my eyes fooled me for trying to decrypt the beautiful cursive handwriting. Turns out, it really was couverture, a French noun, which means 'covering'. What has it got to do with brownies, anyway?

You can find couverture in those chocolate sculptures used in chocolate competitions that's molded into mind-blowing shapes or something that you're more likely to come across: those chocolate you see with outstanding sheen in truffles, pralines, etc. Not all of those chocolate use couverture, but you can almost be certain that good chocolatiers would use it. I found a comprehensive article that explains pretty much all about couverture, click here to read it.

As for Lady Eve Patisserie, it is actually a home business that specializes in making couverture brownies. For a sweet-tooth like me, reading about the available flavours is like reading a porn! Have a look:

  • Brandy-Black Forest Brownies: dark chocolate cream filling with dark cherry infused in cherry brandy
  • Rum-Raisin Brownies: chocolate cream filling with california raisin infused in rum
  • Irish-Coffee Cream Brownies: milk chocolate  filling mix with butter and Irish Cream
  • Salted Caramel Brownies: sea salt caramel and milk chocolate cream filling 
  • Vanilla Crème Brulee Brownies: french classic with combination of Madagascar vanilla & caramel
  • Milk Chocolate Truffle Brownies: classic creamy & velvety chocolate cream
  • Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies: mixture of selected raspberry fruit reduction & cream cheese
  • Passion fruit Cream Cheese Brownies: mixture of selected passion fruit reduction & cream cheese
  • American Cheese Cake Brownie: famously American cheese cake base filling with mild lemon flavour
  • Apple Crumble Brownies: apple and cinnamon filling with crumble on top

Okay, I am now turned on. The chocolate scent smells irresistible, I just had to unwrap the pretty packaging rightaway! The brownies looked dense and curiously glossy. Despite the looks, it was actually quite brittle and each scoop was a mouthful of rich, intense chocolate flavour. These are just like the what a couverture should be like, according to this site.
Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies
Brandy-Black Forest Brownies
In my opinion, Lady Eve's brownies are a fresh alternative to the conventional brownies. It is suited for chocolate connoisseurs and cake fans who prefer their dessert dry, solid and shapely. Its premium packaging makes it a pretty gift to present to others, but are you sure you're willing to part with these couverture brownies? ;)

Lady Eve Patisserie
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