Too Hot for The Kitchen: Willin Low (Wild Rocket, Singapore)

The stereotype that kitchen is reserved only for the feminine gender is a concept from bygone times and nowadays, the lads are claiming their turfs in this highly competitive world too. In fact, the gentlemen are probably doing way better than the ladies when it comes to food, as proven by my recent experience in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants inauguration award presentation in Singapore. Out of the 50+ awards recipients, I can safely say 95% of them were men!

Girls, hold you breath because the chefs that I will feature in my blog, will sweep you off your feet. These gentlemen are not just talented tastemasters, but they are also impressive in the looks department. You have been warned!

Willin Low, the founder, owner and head of the kitchen of Wild Rocket group (shortlisted on The Miele Guide) in Singapore has a unique, if not contrasting background than the world he's now dedicated his life into.
Willin Low - Owner, Founder & Head of Kitchen of Wild Rocket Group in Singapore
8 years ago, the busy suit-clad lawyer who used to have his secretary manage everything for him including booking hotels and tickets for his trips, would not think about strolling at the traditional market and making friends with one of the pickiest butchers who now supplies supreme quality meat for his restaurants. Willin Low is a passionate restopreneur/chef who draws inspiration from his childhood favourite food, with a modern and unexpected twist. Would you consider ice cream instead of the conventional dressing to serve the salad with for your customers? Will did it and I was impressed by such ingenuity. The point is, does not matter if you never graduated from culinary school, as long as you have passion, it will show in your food.

The setting was at Tekka Market in Singapore, where he was explaining to us about picking fresh seafood. Look how smart his contemplative look is? Psst...he's actually not easy to capture, I mean, he is good looking, dandy & stylish Singaporean gentleman, but some angles just don't bring out the best features of his physique. Alas, after secretly attempting to take his portraits, I decide to pick this photo. What's your say?

Actually I know a few more things about Willin, but I'm just too selfish to share it with you =P
Anyway, a part of a guy's charm is in the mystery, right? I'll share with you my dining experience at Willin's Wild Rocket Restaurant at Mount Emily, it's coming soon, so keep waiting!



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