New In Jakarta: Common People Eatery & Bar

Doesn't the word Sunday, rhyme with brunch? For me, the thought of Sunday Brunch evokes the imagination of a generous & sumptuous spread enjoyed over long and lazy hours...So, on Sundays (my only day off in a week), I'd  usually be on a quest to find a brunch place around Jakarta.
I like my egg half cooked...oozy...gooey...yummy!
An ideal brunch place for me, is one that is quiet, not-so-packed, a cozy place with speedy wi-fi and ideally, non-smoking with prices that does not burn a hole in my pocket. I'm very picky indeed. So last Sunday, I decided to check out this new place in Kemang that some of my friends have mentioned about, Common People in Kemang. 

Common People Eatery &Bar have only opened on 26th December 2012 (approximately 3 weeks), so perhaps not many have heard of unless you happen to be a regular in Kemang area. I did not expect to find the owners there, it was Sunday after all. But alas, it was an unexpected encounter with the owners and I got to chat with the genial wife, Ms. Fanny. She told me that they're the same folks who run Ocha  & Bella in Menteng, an Italian restaurant that's much hyped about in 2012 in. Difference is, Ocha & Bella is run by the group of friends, whereas Common People is an entirely independent venture of the couple's and her husband manages as the Executive Chef here.

So, let's see if this place matches my criteria...
Cozy place? Check!

I love this spot! There are only 2 of these available, so better RSVP to save the spot
Quirky decor? P Check!

Good food? Check!
While I had not tried items from the main menu yet, I am quite confident that they'll be decent, judging from these photos. I picked the right item: Crabs Patty Benny, it's eggs benedict, and sandwiched between in  a thick slab of fried crab patty...tasted original, not the sort of cheap nugget-style. So this patty had been the highlight of my eggs benny. The Common Platter is recommended for dessert, if you're not much of a sweet tooth, better share it with someone...I could easily finish the entire platter myself LOL, it's good, better than I'd expected in fact. The sweet Pavlova is balanced with the sour tangy sauce, refreshing. If you want to start with something light, try the pannacotta first, because the Valrhona Choco Lava Cake with its strong cocoa flavour, makes this dish worth every penny. =) Can't help it, I'm a dessert person, a good dessert makes my day.
Hot Chocolate IDR 30,000
Crabs Patty Benny IDR 85,000
Common Platter -  a platter of trio dessert IDR 85,000
Tropical Fruits Pavlova | Pannacotta 'sandwich' with Apple coulis | Valrhona Choco Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
Nice & fancy toilet? Check!
Oh, did I mention that it's cooler in here than outside? One AC to one toilet, sleek!

I failed my quest, because the prices here are, well... like a middle-upscale restaurant...So at the end of the day, the bill kind of burn my meal budget LOL...But  for the prompt service and the's still a good deal.

A few friends actually asked me if it's worth the visit, when I live-tweeted last week. I personally would say that this place is worth the travel & trouble...if not for the all-day breakfast and long weekend brunch hours, come here to soak in the new ambiance. Should you feel uncomfortable seated indoors (because of the smoking diners), the alfresco tables with high stools at the porch are equally lovely spots. There, you can have fresh air under the shade, overlooking the busy Kemang Raya, but still quite a distance away so you won't have dust in your food.

PS: reservation is HIGHLY recommended if you plan to visit on Fridays and Saturdays...Sunday is better for walk-in visits, but it packs up quickly nearer to dinner time.

*) Total = Subtotal + 21% Service Charge and Tax PB1

Common People Eatery & Bar

Plaza Bisnis Kemang I, Ground Floor
Jl. Kemang Raya 2
Ph: +6221 7181843

Make your reservation via Qraved, it's quick and easy!


  1. Thank you for this post. Found a house in Kemang and I'm moving there next month. I'll definitely check this out. :)

  2. Hello Wander Woman =) Kemang is buzzing with eateries, bars, cafes, clubs, you name it...I guess even after spending years living in the area, you still won't ever run out of new places to visit & try... =)

  3. Love love love the pics! pavlova's always too sweet for me, but the Crabs Patty Benny looks so yum!

  4. Thanks Irene! The Crabs patty is really good, i mean it ;)

  5. How was the hollandaise sauce? I went here for some drinks post-Die Stube, and I enjoyed the toilet! lol. Very rustic place indeed.

  6. @Abraham: Hollandaise sauce was pretty standard...It didn't make me go oomph haha, anyway the star of the dish was supposed to be the crab cake!

  7. Great photo! I went there, too, and I enjoyed their decor as well! I'll have to try their Crabs Patty Benny!

  8. One AC for one toilet is an environmental disaster.

  9. Why am I not impressed with the food. Hmm.



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