2013 Food Resolution: No More Rainbow Cakes, Promise!

Today is the 4th of January of the new year 2013. It took me 4 solid days (okay, I lied. Actually just 4 hours haha!) to reflect and think of the few food-related (ie: habits, blogging, etc) resolutions. I am keeping this as simple as possible, inspired by one of my favourite purely-randomness-filled website: buzzfeed.com. Feast on!

1. Buy a Canon 50mm 1.8 lens

The photo below is snapped using Koko Jie's (inijie.com) Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. I itched to test the lens he had brought to lunch. It only took one snap and the result came out breathtaking! Ugh...so this is what #inijie effect is like (translation: a burning desire that results from looking at inijie's pictures). With this lens in tow, I can soon say goodbye to hours or Photoshop-ing. Hurrah!
Canon Rebel T3 (EOS 1100D) Canon 50mm 1.8 lens; image was only resized and watermarked; no other adjustments
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BABY, I'm coming!!! (image courtesy of amazon.com)

2. NO more bad photos

2011...The age of darkness...the time of Blackberry cameras & Canon IXUS 220HS

2012...major improvement with the serendipitiously-purchased, albeit cheated Canon Rebel T3 (= EOS 1100D)

2013...some old photos taken using other cameras will still make its appearances this year, but there will be significant improvement. =)

3. Drink more quality coffee

I will teach myself to savour coffee sans sucre sans crème more often. Coffee is a global treasure, it should be appreciated the way it is, in order to understand its real flavour. While I may not fancy espresso or macchiato all the time, there's always the internationally identical cups of syrupy concoction from Starbucks =) I hope they'd put the Sea Salt Caramel Mocha as a permanent feature on the drinks menu...

4. Learn to appreciate tea

Tea will not replace my addiction for coffee...at least for as long as I am consciously aware of. But I will learn to appreciate the art of drinking tea...the real brewed tea that is...not Iced Lychee Tea of Milk Tea...

5. NO more rainbow cake. Promise.

2012 has been fuzzy with florid colours in our food.The fever started with red velvet, then on to rainbow cake, blue velvet, purple velvet, tie dye, ombre cakes. The fad has slowed down, but it's still making appearances every now and then on the shelves. 2013, I promise, no more (unnaturally-coloured) rainbow cakes will make its way to my tummy.

6. Stop wasting food

My mum always taught me not to waste food. Not even a single grain of rice should be awasted. I can totally understand why, since Mum grew up at the time when rice was a luxury, akin to black/white truffles today. If the food can't be finished, simply request to take away, safe in the fridge and re-heat for tomorrow's lunch!

7. Go green with envy, eat more greens!

To quote from an article I read, "There is no such thing as healthy food; Only good or bad food and healthy eating habit". I'm all set for the last one. Are you too?
Chicken Salad from Nanny's Pavillon

8. More Indonesian food, please!

As a food blogger, what little thing I can do is to introduce to the world, the richness on Indonesian culinary traditions. Indonesian food should be highly regarded internationally, the way Chinese and Thai food are everywhere. It is my dream to discover an Indonesian fine dining restaurant next to Jean-Georges or Guy Savoy's in Paris or New York. Whoever knows, it will happen in the near future?
Sate Lilit Ikan Gianyar from Lara Djonggrang Imperial Cuisine


  1. Awesome resolutions El! I'm aching to buy the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens as well, and couldn't agree more about Indonesian food appreciation! :D

  2. nice choice if you buy Canon 50mm 1.8 :D High Quality with Low Price :p but, if you want more bokeh, suggest to you buy macro lens, el hehehhe.

  3. @irene: Update! I've got mine already yay (re: Canon 50mm 1.8 lens)! Hope to see the item this weekend ;)

    @FullandStarving: Yes...I will save to buy a macro lens soon...Pernah tanya yang 1.4, harganya >3,5 juta!! OMG...haha...but nothing's impossible if we put our will & effort on it ;)



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