Want Some Hangover Cure?

This Christmas weekend (21-23 December), G48 hosted its first pop-up brunch at The Cook Shop, featuring some all-time-favourites such as eggs benedict, omelette, poached eggs, french toast, pancakes, etc, but with G48's twist. For the price of starting from IDR 99,000 (inclusive 10% Tax), guests could choose from the savoury or sweet items and water and black coffee by Caffè Vergnano or tea. Sounded like a good deal to me, especially since my friend, Rafael, highly recommendeds this duo chefs.
Caffè Vergnano espresso IDR 16,000
The Hangover Cure
Such was the name of the savoury bites I ordered. A combo of Navy Beans, half-cooked poached eggs and fried baby potatoes, sour cream, sweet & spicy tomato salsa, served with crispy nachos and tortilla wraps filled with creamy avocado-jalapeno. Is it really a potent hangover cure? Honestly, I don't know...never had a hangover in my life. But I told Nando that every girl would queue-up to marry him for cooking such a wicked breakfast! . 

Cliche, but there's always room for dessert. The dessert was off the menu as it was whipped up by Ivan himself. He made me thick caramelised toast, with mixed berries 'snow' and home-made vanilla ice cream glazed with honey. Have I mentioned that I found bacons in my dessert? What a surprising twist! Thanks Ivan, for making such a lovely & light dessert, the portion was just right for what little space left in my tummy. =)

G48 Private Dining Concept
The era of private chefs whipping up fancy fine dining dishes at home is seeing its dawn in Jakarta and G48 is among its pioneers. G48 is actually an acronym for Good For Eats, a concept of 'fine dining at you home' that is the brainchild of Ivan Wibowo and Fernando Sindu, two young and passionate Indonesian chefs who had spent some time living in culinary gems around the globe such as New York and Denmark. The duo has cooked curious dishes at the homes of the hosts at private functions and they never repeat the menus, talk about menu rotation, no I should say, disposable menus!

The Cook Shop by JAPFA
As a brand extension of JAPFA, The Cook Shop is primarily a cooking theater and a showroom/shop that sells JAPFA's produce at cost price. The cooking theater is rent-able to host private functions, cooking shows or other special events such as this weekend's pop-up brunch. Among the notable culinary stars that have tested the open kitchen here are like the Bliss Siters of Australia Master Chef, and many more. On weekdays when there's no event going on, the cooking theater would be closed for public and only the shop is open.

Good For Eats (G48) Private Dining
by chefs Ivan Wibowo & Fernando Sindu
HP: 0878-3298-8338

JL. Hang Lekir 1 No. 15
South Jakarta (next to Beautika Restaurant)
Ph: +6221 7396530


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