'tis The Time of The Year: Starbucks Red Cups are Back!

Starbucks red cups are back!
Limited Edition Starbucks Nutcracker Bearista available in stores now!
Just in case you don't know the significance, this means that Starbucks' iconic seasonal beverages are back (again, only for a limited time from 12 November 2012 until 6 January 2013). Let's welcome back Starbucks' Peppermint Mocha, Toffee Nut Latte and Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha! Ho Ho Ho... =)

These red cups bring back a special memory to me. It was only a year ago, when Starbucks invited me to its 2011 Holiday Gathering and guess what's served there? Correct, Starbucks Red Cups! It was the very first invitation I had ever received since I started blogging in August 2011. Some things still remains today, such as the beverage flavours and the limited edition Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. These cookies had been so delicious, I could easily finish an entire can myself!

Starbucks Holiday Food
Smoked Turkey Ciabatta Sandwich
Chicken Pepper Focaccia Sandwich
I like this one better than the Ciabatta Sandwich, since the texture of the focaccia panini is not as dry as the ciabatta. The filling also suits my preference better: roast chicken, creamy black pepper sauce and cheese.
Bread Pudding
It's pastry bread, soaked in pudding sauce, with hints of nutmeg and raisins.
VIA Snowflakes
A traditional holiday delicacy from Germany, Stollen is actually a type of fruit cake containing dried cranberries and raisins and almond-flavoured marzipan rope in the middle and topped with icing sugar for that Christmas-y snowy feel. I find the marzipan rope ultra sweet, so diabetic consumers should avoid the marzipan core. Whereas the cake itself taste more like bread, so the recommended serving is to toast it and smear with butter.
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Jar & Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie Jar
I notice a slight difference in this year's Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies, which are now more regularly shaped, like bite-sized pucks, but still addictive. Hurry grab your today, before the promotion period is over =)

Starbucks Holiday Beverage & Blend
My favourite is Peppermint Mocha, the cold sensation and bittersweet taste makes a perfect warm cup to indulge on cold rainy days lately. That being said, the other 2 flavours are equally lovely and heartwarming too =)

Starbucks Gives Back to Local Community
I have always heard about Starbucks' strong CSR campaign overseas, but almost unheard of in Indonesia (my bad, for not following the news or they're simply humble about their charitable movements?) Anyway, I'm glad to share with you that this year Starbucks gives back to our community in the form of charity grant totalling US$43,000 for 3 selected local charities: Sahabat Anak, Yayasan HIMMATA and Yayasan Karang Widya. Starbucks Indonesia's Managing Director, Anthony Cottan also came to the gathering to present the grants to the charity representatives.
Starbucks Indonesia Managing Director, Anthony Cottan
Thank you Starbucks Indonesia for hosting such a lovely Red Cups Gathering. Among the many special things to look out for this holiday season, Starbucks Red Cups will always be on my list =)

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  1. Nawww I wish I can come to this one! Love the pic of the three red cups, El. great review as always :)

  2. Hi5! My favorite has always been Peppermint Mocha too! Glad that they bring it back again this year.
    This post looks so festive (me likey), and reminds us that Christmas is drawing near! Yay! :)
    Tempted by Smoked Turkey Ciabatta Sandwich & Chicken Pepper Focaccia Sandwich. :d

  3. @irene: darengkyu, dear Irene =) We miss you this year...you should be here like last year...

    @Le Journal: Thanks for dropping by. =) Indeed, the gathering was bubbling with holiday warmth, there was even a live band singing holiday songs there!



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