Bold & Spicy Indonesian Twists at Pasta de Waraku

If food is the reflection of our culture, what's your take on this: "an Italian delicacy which originated from China back in time, adapted into a casual Japanese dining concept from Singapore, and recently added Indonesian flavours in its line of mainly Japanese-themed menu"?

What a mouthful description! Sorry if I lost you there, but really, there isn't any simpler way to describe Pasta de Waraku. Just for your information, the name, "Waraku" consists of 2 Chinese characters, (wa) for harmony and (raku) for enjoy. Waraku thus, strives to create an enjoyable experience of dining in harmony.

Pasta de waraku Indonesia is a franchise brought to this country by Ismaya Group and it recently takes on bold and hot Indonesian flavours for its latest food promotion. I never thought a casual Japanese dining concept would and could replicate tongue-searing Indonesian sambal and conjure a flavoursome remix of Italian pasta, the Waraku style. Take a look:
Fried Oxtail Spaghetti a la Java IDR 65,000
Fried Oxtail Spaghetti a la Java
Aglio olio style spaghetti, cooked with Pasta de Waraku's signature wafu sauce, topped with fried oxtail and bell pepper. Quite spicy.

Beef Spaghetti with Rendang Sauce IDR 58,000
Beef Spaghetti with Rendang Sauce (-> MY favourite)
Al dente spaghetti, topped with rendang flavoured minced beef sauce and quail eggs . It's like the savoury version of Bolognaise sauce, mildly spicy.

Indonesian Grilled Ribs Spaghetti IDR 65,000
Indonesian Grilled Ribs Spaghetti
Look at the green and fiery red sambal paste at the side! The aglio olio spaghetti itself is already spicy. So, if you're looking for a merciless spicy kick, this one is for you. 

Grilled Chicken Spaghetti IDR 58,000
Grilled Chicken Spaghetti
Spaghetti with sweet tomato sauce topped with grilled chicken smeared with sweet chilli paste on top. Quite spicy.

Traditional Fried Rice with Angus Beef IDR 65,000
Traditional Fried Rice with Angus Beef
Indonesian style fried rice cooked with salted fish and shrimp paste (belacan), topped with sunny-side up fried egg, with medium-cooked Angus beef cubes in Teriyaki sauce at the sides.

Salmon Pizza with Curry Sauce (Large) IDR 65,000
Salmon Pizza with Curry Sauce
Crispy thin crust pizza topped with baked salmon bits in curry sauce sprinkled with chili slices, cucumber & onion. I'd say the salmon bits are quite redundant here, because it is grilled and tasted rather dry, diners might mistaken it for chicken instead. Mildly spicy.

Candyland Baby Hanito IDR 32,000
Crazy Fruity Baby Hanito | Banana Crumble Baby Hanito
Baby Hanito
Baby Hanito is single-serving Hanito (honey toast), with various toppings. Very thick toast (about 5cm thick). I'd say the topping could be made more generous.

All in all, Pasta de Waraku Indonesia's Indonesian twist is a nice alternative worth trying out, especially for fans of chilli. Thank you Pasta de Waraku for the food testing invitation. =)

Pondok Indah Mall 2 - Restaurant Row | Level 3 No. 343A | Ph: +6221 75920608
Grand Indonesia East Mall - Garden District | Level 3A Gd.1-05 & 06 | Ph: +6221 23580916
Mall Taman Anggrek | Level 2 unit E 16A | Ph: +6221 5639590


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