Sparkling Champagne for Brunch? I'm In!!

What not to love about brunch? It's late & laid back, it's nutritious and delicious. Add some sparkling champagne and I'm ready to party all weekend-long!

Alcoholics Bar & Grill had been missed when it went abstinent during the Ramadhan month. But cheers, it is now back in the game at full throttle with ambitious campaigns & events to attract the crowd. The past weeks alone, Alcoholics Bar had hosted a couple of parties and I'm sure these are just the foam at the brim of the glass. Yes, indecent parties will be hosted, booze will flow generously and the turn tables scratched til dawn, but the food here is certainly not to be underestimated.

Cheers! You're back - Strawberry Sparkling Champagne 
Brunch menu is available on Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM - 2PM. On Sundays, you can enjoy a 3-course meal (appetizer, main & dessert) with Free flow sparkling wine (yes I shall emphasize the word FREE FLOW),  for only IDR 250,000++. The newly launched brunch menu features 3 courses:

1. Soup
Right now, there are only 2 kinds of soup: Green Peas Cream Soup with Diced Pork Knuckle and Tomato Soup. We sampled the green peas cream soup that came served with a piece of foccaccia. I wouldn't say it's the best among all that I've tried, but we've shared our inputs on how to improve the soup. Patrick, as the Executive Chef and Owner seemed very receptive to our ideas, so I'm certain that this would improve.

Green Peas Cream Soup with Diced Pork Knuckle
Green Peas Cream Soup with Diced Pork Knuckle IDR 38,000
2. Main Course
The main course sees a lot more variation with items featuring eggs creation such as:
- Poached eggs served with muffin, white wine hollandaise sauce and rocket salad and topped with either mushroom (Portobello Benedict), salmon (Eggs Hemingway), ham and bacon (Eggs Blackstone)
- Foccaccia with Cointreau Gravlax Salmon, Scramble Eggs & Rocket Salad
- Big Breakfast
- Chicken, pork, salmon and pasta dishes such as: Crispy Amaretto Pork Belly with Baked Beans, etc.

Eggs Hemingway - Gravlax Salmon IDR 50,000
Portobello Benedict - portobello mushroom
Portobello Benedict - portobello mushroom IDR 45,000
Eggs Blackstone - Streaky Bacon IDR 45,000
The salt-cured and Cointreau-marinated gravlax salmon was served in generously thick slices (good news for salmon lovers!). In my opinion, the true test for poached eggs is by slicing through the yolk. Recalling a scene from the movie Julie & Julia that I had watched sometime ago, I understand that poaching eggs is no easy-breezy task So I was quite pleased that those we had were all well made: nicely rounded shape with golden runny egg yolks that oozed out beautifully when the knife sliced through it.

Foccacia with Cointreau Gravlax Salmon, Scramble Eggs & Rocket Salad IDR 50,000
And then, the real deal came to our table: Pork Ribs and Crispy Amaretto Pork Belly with Baked Beans. I took a teensy bit of the pork ribs and it was well done, flavourful marinate and nicely tender. While I'm normally not a purist when it comes to steak / meat consumption, I'd make an exception for this one. The ribs itself was already great enough without the brown coloured sauce (I can't quite remember if it was BBQ or tomato), which tasted unnecessarily sweet.

Honestly, pork belly is not on top of my preferred-food list (blame it on my mum who hardly cooks pork at home! Haha...just kidding). But having the honour of being the first one to try it on our table, I was quite amused, the crackling was crispy but the layer undrneath was tender and juicy. My photos can't lie, do you notice the juice oozing out from the meat? That is a good sign!

Crispy Amaretto Pork Belly with Baked Beans IDR 68,000
Pork Ribs IDR 180,000 (whole) | IDR 90,000 (half)
3. Dessert
As of now, dessert is still quite limited, as there were only 3 choices: Bailey's Croissant Pudding, Home made Vodka Raspberry Sorbet and Crepe Flambee with Bailey's Kahlua & Amaretto. Unfortunately I didn't stay until all of main course was served, as I had to rush elsewhere. So no other photos or comments available. But since I had the Iced Cafe Latte at the beginning of the meal, I shall consider it as my (early) dessert.
iced cafe latte no whip

*) All diners will receive a complimentary champagne jelly. This one is a must-try! Claim it, you're entitled for it ;)

JL. Kemang Raya No. 72N
South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 7195675

Opening Hours: 
Tuesday - Friday: 4PM - midnight
Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM - midnight


  1. Alcoholics? Bar? How have I not been here yet??

  2. Hmm is rather hidden, at the other end of Koi Kemang complex, so that's probably why you missed it



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