What Makes The Goods Diner Tick?

Even until now, I still can't fathom why so many netizens flock to The Goods Diner. Is it the location? The food? The ambiance? Or is it a status symbol, where people are considered hip to associate themselves to anything related to a successful indie and edgy establishment like The Goods Dept, a lifestyle department concept that has now called Pacific Place, an upscale shopping mall in Jakarta, home.

A recent visit to Andy Warhol's exhibition in Singapore's Artscience Museum at Marina Bay Sands shed light on the concept of popular culture. Inside, I read a quote by the eccentric late brainiac which said " It ain't pop culture if it can't be enjoyed by the masses". So the question is, has The Goods become a brand? A symbol of popular culture? A sign of one's status in the society, one that defies the masses and define themselves as the army of hip and fashionable rebels? Probably.

In case you have not noticed, actually I had never written about repeated visit to restaurants, but this time I'll make an exception for The Goods Diner. This post is my congratulatory tribute for its remarkable achievement for being the number 1 most clicked and most searched post on Culinary Bonanza (and probably anywhere else).

At my last visit a few weeks ago, The Goods Diner had noticeably improved its service and menu range since my last visit when it had just recently opened. Now, they even have special Weekend Brunch and Kids Menu to appeal to the families. Refer to the past post here for comparison.

The time of our visit was around lunch and the place was nearly packed, but service was overall prompt and the staff were helpful & attentive. At the end of our meal, one of them even requested for our business card for a chance to win either free lunch or free something, I forgot =( Too bad neither me or brother brought our name cards, hence we missed the chance. But never mind, I could see myself visiting The Goods Diner again in the future, I'm keen to have a look at this place on weekend night. I bet it'll be super crowded!

Rainbow Cake IDR 60,000
This cake has become more expensive since the one I had at The Goods Cafe. Taste wise, it was pretty ordinary, the cream cheese was on the sweeter side. I would like it better if the cream was made cheesier and savoury to balance out the sweetness from the sponge cake.
Pomegranate Ginger Juice Blend IDR 30,000
Deviled Egg IDR 25,000
I certainly like its Deviled Egg. Such a modest and healthy appetizer, but they "get" it. The well-done egg yolk is whisked with sriracha sauce, bacon bits and dill leaves. The overall look is garnished with dill leaves. 
Shrimp Scampi Angel Hair IDR 75,000
The angel hair was quite a let-down, as you can see in the photo that the pasta was overcooked, hence the choppy appearance. The sauce was alright, would've been much better if the pasta was al dente and the fine angel hair still appear as long & juicy strands of pasta.
Mini Nutella Cupcake IDR 20,000
Cross-section look of the cupcake
I have nothing to complain about the Nutella and chocolate cupcake (who could complain about Nutella? Haha) I only complain about the steep price for the mini piece of treat haha. But for a sweet-tooth like me, it's worth the quality.

NB: Prices are subject to 7.7% Service Charge and 10% PB1

The Goods Diner
The Fairgrounds, SCBD Lot 14
Ph: +6221 5152969

To pre-order whole Rainbow Cake
Ph: +62 81316488899
BB PIN: 221E3378


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