Delightful Autumn Surprises from Starbucks Coffee Indonesia

Starbucks Coffee Indonesia welcomes the new season, autumn, with a novel series of food, beverage & blends that are going to make avid Starbucks fans eager to hit the nearest stores as soon as possible! I won't withhold the suspense much longer, so feast your eyes upon these delectable-looking treats =) 

Out of the 7 food items that was served today (unfortunately I missed taking photo of the VIA Red Velvet Roll Cake). My favourites are:
- Savoury: Jalapeno Cheese Roll. It tasted supple and chewy, with rather sticky texture that resulted from the cheese within the roll.
- Sweet: VIA Snowflake Land. It was akin to custard puff, but filled with semi-sweet VIA coffee-based custard and topped with chocolate layer and white chocolate flakes. The right level of sweetness from the filling and topping blended well with the savoury puff.

VIA Snowflake Land IDR 17,500
Sea Salt Caramel Mocha
I was deeply intrigued by the name Sea Salt Caramel Mocha and was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually like the taste of this unique & novel beverage! The key components of this new twist are the smoked sea salt and Turbindo sugar used. For certain, I can see myself frequenting Starbucks in the near future to get my hands on this special edition drink, before it will be out the stores on 5th November 2012. Shall I spoil the fun by describing to you what it taste like? Hmm, I don't think I would. Just a hint: If you like velvety-rich milk chocolate, you'll most likely be fond of Sea Salt Caramel Mocha =) Good news, this flavour will be available hot, iced or as Frappuccino®.

Coffee Blend
Starbucks® Autumn Blend
The Starbucks® Autumn is a new blend made from Sumatran, Antiguan & Guatemalan coffee beans. The full-bodied brew has a subtle herbal scent and goes well with savoury food such as Starbucks Cheese Danish. This autumn is also the launch  of Starbucks® Anniversary Blend, which is annually released and is varied from year to year. The coffee is a mix of Pacific Asian and aged Sumatran beans. The spicy hint of the brew makes it suitable to go with spiced items, such as cinnamon rolls, oats, maple-based and buttery food items.

Coffee Master Brian explaining how to savour the Starbucks® Autumn Blend 
Starbucks Coffee store at Kota Kasablanka
Today's media gathering was hosted at one of the new Starbucks Coffee stores at Kota Kasablanka, a newly opened shopping mall in South Jakarta. Having recently opened a new outlet in Solo (Surakarta), the outlet at Kota Kasablanka added to the total number of Starbucks Coffee stores to a whopping 132 outlets in Indonesia alone! What would be a better celebration to such substantial achievement, than enjoying a cup of hot Starbucks Sea Salt Mocha? =)

Starbucks Coffee Indonesia
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  1. purple yam coconut cake.. is it any good?

  2. It did not click with my palate, but alas, feel free to try it for yourself and let me know what you think, dear! ;)



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