My Favourite Rainbow Cake by Le Sweets

Good news for all of us (or is it bad?): The rainbow cake fever is not over yet. At least not in Jakarta. LOL

To be honest I have not tried that many rainbow cakes in Jakarta (and I'm not keen to be an experiment bunny, stuffing all those food colouring down my own guts). Out of those that I've tried so far, such as that from The Goods Dept, Dapur Cokelat and Lily Cakes (at the Food Hall), my personal (and my brother's and sister's too) favourite is the one baked by Lolo, under the brand Le Sweets.

WHY? Le Sweets is a brand of home-made cakes, cookies, sweets and desserts that a lovely senior blogger of mine manages. I first heard of it a few months ago, when I saw someone displayed a photo of oddly coloured rainbow cake that resembled nothing like the rainbow colour spectrum. As it turned out, it was Natural Rainbow Cake, a product by Le Sweets and by far, is my favourite. 

The Natural Rainbow Cake doesn't use any artificial food colouring, flavouring or additives. So each of colour and subtle flavour comes from natural ingredients like pandan, taro, sesame, beetroot and pumpkin. Taste wise, it is very subtle, well it is natural after all. But the most distinct scents can be detected from the taro (purple) and black sesame layer (black). The texture is perfectly moist and soft, topped with sweet cream cheese that is also thinly spread in between each layers. Each time I ate this, I always started from the edge that has the most cream cheese. =P

In my opinion, Le Sweets' rainbow cake is the most reasonably priced among others that are of comparable quality and taste (but I have not tried the others yet). Bluegrass sells for IR 60,000 /portion, Union Brasserie IDR 50,000, The Goods Cafe IDR 50,000. Le Sweets? Just for IDR 35,000 (not inclusive delivery charge yet). It's recommended that you order in bulk with your friends, so the delivery cost could be shared.

Besides the phenomenal rainbow cake, Le Sweets provides many other curious cakes and desserts as well, such as cookies, cupcakes, Japanese cream cheese tarts, cake-in-a-jars, macarons, puddings, etc. Just take a look at the Facebook page or the blog and prepare to drool yourself silly at those pretty-looking stuff! Among the more popular items recently is the thousand layers crepe (mille crepe). Just when you think the rainbow fever stops here, wait until you see the rainbow version of mille crepe by Le Sweets haha! Yea, long live rainbow cake!!!

Curious to try? Make your orders today. =)

It is advisable that you order at least a few days or a week in advance, to make sure you get your orders on the day that you request.

*) No Service Charge or Tax. Delivery charge varies depending on the location from Sunter.
Natural Rainbow Cake IDR 37,000 /slice | diameter 18cm IDR 360,000 | diameter 20cm IDR 400,000 
Red Velvet Nutella in-a-jar IDR 45,000
Rainbow Cake IDR 35,000 | diameter 18cm IDR 340,000 | diameter 20cm IDR 380,000
Mini (bite-size) Red Velvet Cupcake IDR 220,000 (25pcs)
Le Sweets
Accepts delivery within Jakarta or you can pick up at Lolo's house @Sunter, North Jakarta
HP: +62818141011 | Fb: Le Sweets | Twitter: Le_Sweets


  1. I want to try Lolo's cakes as well! will definitely order them when I'm back. anyway really nice new design, Ellyna! and congrats with the 100,000 hits! :))

  2. Dear Irene, hehe, you should do! I'm currently still struggling with the layout and design though, this isn't exactly what I like yet. Oh I hate programming! I don't speak HTML...someone help please :'(

  3. oo really looks yummy..:) must try.. :)di kota kita

  4. I just read this entry, and thank you for the information! =)
    *runs to order some*



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