Bali Memoir: Anticlimaxing Last Dinner at Dapur Sedap

If I ever have to un-recommend a place, this would be one of them. Unfortunately on my last evening being in Bali, the last meal was a total anticlimactic compared to what I had previously. If given the choice, I personally would never have chosen this place to eat.

I have nothing to critic about the place itself, its effort to create an opulent feel with elaborate interior, furnishing and decor was worth a mention. However, everything seems too loud, to the point of exaggerated. However, I love the elaborately-carved dark wood door leading to the open-air dining area at the back, that won't look out of place in a royal palace.

As it was still Ramadhan month, at the beginning of the dinner, we were served free ta'jil. It came in mini cups of "Red Rubies" (mock pomegranate seeds or thap thim krawp in Thai). These are made half-heartedly if I must comment on it. If I have been the person fasting for 12 hours and this is served for fast-breaking, I'd be throwing a nasty tantrum for sure.

My biggest disappointment is with the food. Nothing that we ordered was up to scratch. My Mum (who loves seafood) didn't touch the fish much other than merely for the sake of filling up her tummy to avoid gastric, because the steamed fish was not fresh. The luffa (Sup Oyong) in the soup was too old, hence the unpleasantly fibrous texture. The Tahu Kipas (fried tofu with shrimp, onion & carrot filling) was extremely oily, I needed a few sheets of tissue paper to soak up the unabashedly yellow oil!

Now, dessert is supposed to be an easy stuff that effortlessly pleases all, but even the dessert failed, big time.  I ordered the signature dessert, Putri Salju ala Dapur Sedap - slushed ice with coconut milk, topped with mango and banana. Something about the ensemble was off, either the choice of banana or the coconut milk. One thing for sure, I didn't enjoy it.

Could this simply because I visited the resto at the wrong time and wrong outlet?

*) Available for lunch, dinner, buffet service, take away, Free Wi-Fi
Bali outlet from outside. Looks inviting?
Tahu Kipas IDR 27,500
Kerapu Tim Asam Pedas IDR 17,900 /ounce
Cumi Telur Bakar (grilled egg squid) IDR 57,500
Sup Oyong (luffa soup) IDR 27,500
Putri Salju ala Dapur Sedap IDR 20,000
Dapur Sedap
Bali: JL. Kediri No. 45 | Tuban - Kuta | Ph: +62 361 758890 / 758891
Tangerang: JL. Taman Permata | Ruko New Asia No. 100 | Lippo Karawaci Barat | Ph: +62 21 5949 4053
Bekasi: Rest Area Tol Jakarta-Cikampek KM 19 | Level 2 Jati Mulya | Ph: +62 21 8835 7813
Karang Tengah: Rest Area Tol Jakarta-Tangerang KM 13.5 | Palm Square | Ph: +62 21 7344 8112
Gading Serpong: Ruko Voronez | JL. Kelapa Puan Blok CA 24/01 Sektor 10 | Ph: +62 21 5420 3292 / 5420 3349


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