Bali Memoir: Another Major Disappointment at Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika

After hearing so many mentions about Nasi Pedas Bu Andika, my curiosity was naturally piqued to find out what is it about this place that still draws the crowd since it first opened?

Eating at warung has its own system for ordering food. Firstly, ask for your rice (any amount, it's very cheap!) and then request for your side dishes. The good thing about this, is you can request for more or less of anything, gravy, meat, veggies, etc.

As I examined the dishes on display, I was somehow not tempted at all. There were quite a lot of innards, guts, liver, etc (which I've never touched). So if you're into these, then perhaps you might like eating here better than I do. Anyway, I recalled my first experience of dining in Bali's warung style last year at Warung Murah. It was a total 180o difference than here! Although the place was small, but the dishes all looked appetizing there.

Yes, the queue was there and the crowd of diners were there too. As I tucked into my food, I was left in even more disbelief! Other than being really spicy and cheap, the dishes really have nothing else to brag about. I had the shredded chicken with the rice, but there were fine bones in it. And really fine they were, I had an excruciating time trying to separate the fine sticks with the identical looking shredded meat. If food is ever playing "hard to get" this was probably a perfect example.

Anyway, my Mum didn't have much luck either. Actually the food here even led up to Mum's terrible stomach ache the next day. =( Mum didn't touch the fried anchovies as they were too thick, not the fine and crispy type that she likes

Another legend that disappoints. I will not return here, if you ask me.

*) No Tax or Service Charge

Moral of the story: Long queue doesn't always mean it's good
Rice + Shredded Chicken + 1 side dish
Rice + Tofu + Fried anchovies + fried egg + veggies + sambal
Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika
JL. Raya Kuta (opposite Supernova Market)


  1. wah gw waktu itu makan disini enak2 aja suka sama ayam suwir & tahu sama mie nya. Pedes & enak!

  2. waktu itu makan disini yg paling berkesan adalah cabenya, saking pedesnya sampe ngga berasa rasa lainnya, hahaa. love your new layout :)

  3. @Hlu // Ata: Oh ya? sambalnya sepedas itu kah? Gw udah kapok deh makan yg pedes2...buntutnya malah yg lain ga berasa apa2, just like you said

  4. I guess u are way up there with those Micheline stuff....

  5. Hi Anonymous! No, I don't believe so. I set reasonable standard for each establishments and most of my friends agreed with my judgement. However, if you've had a pleasant experience here, then very good on you, I wish I did too.



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