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I remembered Red Tomato when it first opened at Mall Taman Anggrek, way back then. It's decision to relocate to Plaza Indonesia is indeed a smart move, but for what seemed like ages, it was stuck with the boring red and white decor concept. Despite hanging around at Plaza Indonesia almost every single day, honestly I never had the inclination to make a repeat visit ever since my high school days, when it was still nestled at MTA.

But last year, Red Tomato made a wise decision to revamp the interior decor and the restaurant concept. Say goodbye to the spartan Indonesian flag-like interior. Today, it has transformed into a pleasant indoor garden-like spot, replete with park benches and tables, synthetic grass and of course a touch of Red Tomato's signature colours: red and green. I have to admit that it creates an inviting niche that will no doubt tempt any passersby to at least take a peek inside.

The menu itself is pretty typical for an Italian restaurant offerings, you can find such as pizza (savoury pizza and dessert 'Dolce' pizza), pasta, grill, risotto, platter, burger, soups, salads, appetizer, desserts and rather fancy beverages. Fortunately the menu comes illustrated, so you don't need play 'russian roulette' and hope that your choice turns out as you had expected or imagined.

Firstly I had the Florentine Fettuccine Alfredo, which is 160gr of fettuccine, with alfredo sauce, baby spinach, beef bacon, shiitake mushroom & green peas. The alfredo sauce was not dripping or clumping together, it's a good sign that the cream sauce has reached perfect consistency level. It tasted good, but for taste buds that grew up with Indomie's MSG-saturated instant noodles (like me), the pasta is still missing something.

I was told that the best seller pizza here is the Pizza Cream Funghi. Of course I was curious as to why so many idolize this pizza over all the others. At first, it tasted pretty average, perhaps unimpressive due to the absence of MSG. But after the first slice, I just couldn't stop the urge to have a second slice! FYI, I wasn't hungry anymore at the time, after a serving of pasta I had earlier. But so unlike other pizzas I've previously had before elsewhere, Red Tomato's is crispy, thin, light and flavoursome! I was addicted to the perfect harmony of the buttery & musty scent of the cream funghi. Could the wooden-oven baking method have any effects on the taste? Oh, I nearly cleared the entire thing myself! Haha

Red Tomato is perfect for health-conscious diners, who does not want to compromise taste over nutrition contents. Red Tomato cooks healthy food, shown by its commitment to use olive oil for everything and strict no MSG policy.

PS: If you mention my blog to the outlet manager, he'll surely treat you extra nice, try it out! ;)
Is this a park or a restaurant? 
My pizza was being prepared on the spot, live!
Pizza Cream Funghi IDR 59,000
Florentine Fettuccine Alfredo IDR 55,000
Red Tomato Moccquiri IDR 29,000
Red Tomato Pizza . Pasta . Grill
Plaza Indonesia | Basement Level Unit #61 | Ph: +62 21 31900386 | Blackberry PIN: 32A6E65D
JL. Tanah Abang II No. 70 | Tanah Abang - Central Jakarta | Ph: +62 21
JL. Boulevard Raya Blok LB3 No. 12 | Kelapa Gading - North Jakarta

DELIVERY HOTLINE: +62 21 34830973
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  1. that's awesome, the no-MSG policy. and oh my, that pizza! i usually don't go for non-meat pizza but ur description about it won me over! :))

  2. Hmm.. nice review Ellyna.. oh btw Irene, the pizza has beef bacon. They do have a lot other meaty pizza as well..

  3. @irene: hehe...the pizza was really that good! No lies =D

    @Jef: My pleasure ;) Now i crave for cranberry turkey pizza...hmmm =P

  4. Waw.. I just discovered ur blog and I'm so amazed by it! All the food looks very tempting indeed.. I am currently drooling.. lol.. btw, do u wanna exchange links with my blog? reply me.. :)

  5. Hi Elvi, how nice to see you here! Thank you for your generous compliment...this is just a humble site, plenty of rooms for improvement.

    That would be my pleasure to exchange links with you! Favour's returned, check it out on the right column ;)



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